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April 09, 2007

Alive and kicking…Dave up the bum

Happy easter guys!!!
So to start with, can I first of all thank you for all your emails regarding the Soloman island tsunami, and can I secondly reassure you that Dave and I are 100% fine and dandy, and Samoa is still standing in its entirety!!!Mum, Mike told me you had lots of kittens…and that the local cattery in tenerife is now full…!!!Thank you all for your kind concern but all is well in the land of Vailima. However, the temperature has taken a turn for the worse and has rocketed since the ‘official’ end of the rainy season. Its baking out here, and I am being very sensible and staying out of the midday sun…Dave, however, is readying himself for the ‘lobsters r us’ competition at the end of the month, and at the moment, stands a pretty good chance of winning!(Dave, if you ever read this, IM JOKING, you are tanned and buff!).
So, we finished hospital on Thursday, and dave took some photos of us listening to chests so that we can stick them in our report when we get back – photographic eviodence that we did actually do some work!!! The staff were lovely on our departure and invited Dave and I to the ward easter BBQ. I was feeling a little rough so didnt go – Dave said he’d go for ‘an hour’. This was at 5pm. At 10pm Dave rocks back up to the hotel, having had one or two vailimas – classic really!The next few days involved me feeling even more rough. Think I had a virus – achey and headachey, mixed with intense heat – nice. But nothing that a few paracetamol couldn’t handle. Am feeling much better now. We plan to head off to Lalomanu tomorrow for our last few days so I may not be able to blog till I get back. However, I will endeavour to try!
Have just read this back to myself and have realised that it’s the most boring blog so far – Dave has just reminded me that this is probably because the last few days have involved only three things: feeling rough (Dave had had a dodgy burger – schoolboy error), lying by the pool and going to hospital, in that order.

A few personals…
Mum Dad Lise Jon Rosie & Beth: Hey guys! hope you’re having a fab time. Looking forward to speaking to you asap.Miss you all loads and love you more xxx p.s. Minky is fine – Matt assures me that they have devloped quite a bond – apparently she kicks his ass at the wii golf!!!

Mike&Jan: Another classic Mikey email – comedy legend!!!How did the interview go? Send Sarah huge congrats from me. Loads of love xxx

Els&Cos: Thanks for your email lovelies. Can’t wait to see you all soon. Love yas xxx

Rosa&Phil: Hey lovelies. Els and Cos tell me youre reading this!Hows things going? Be great to hear from you!Loads of love xxx

Nombo: Hey babes, thanks for your emails. Its been lovely to hear from you!Any news on the move yet?Im getting frustrated for you!At least I’ll probably be back in time for the house warming – small mercies!!!Love you loads xxx

Vena: Any news…????big forrest love xxxx

Soes: Love ya xxxx

Anyway guys, big love to you all and will blog when am back. Loads of love as always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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