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March 08, 2007

Samoa…I am a sweaty beast!!!

We finally arrived on Monday night, which was actually Tuesday, but could have been Wednesday for all I knew. The journey itself was like some sort of outer body experience which involved us experiencing night time way too often. People seemed to get friendlier the further we got from England…the check in guy at Auckland got us bulk head seats and recommended places to visit in the South Island.
I stepped off the plane in Samoa and was convinced I’d die of suffocation at any minute – the heat and humidity were horrendous, and I’m not even joking when I say that my hair instantly transformed into one big fuzzy fluff ball that slightly resembled Wendolene from Wallace and Gromit! Ever since then, I’ve not stopped sweating and am currently showering up to 4 times per day. It was 26 degrees C when we touched down at 11.30 pm, so it must be nearing 35 during the day with a big heap of humidity thrown in, just in case we werent uncomfortable enough already!
Samoa is beautiful. Everywhere is so colourful and tropical and lush. The people are lovely – very friendly and layed back, and wear the most amazing clothes. I’m trying to convinve Dave to invest in a lava lava which is a unisex traditional sarong. All the men wear them, but I’d pay good money to see Dave in one. If I manage it I’ll take plenty of photos and mock him considerably!!!
The outrigger hotel is great – clean and comfortable and housing no less than 7 other medical students, all of them girls, much to Daves delight!
I am feeling decidedly ropey due to the intensity of the heat and the jet lag. I’ve been wandering around slightly detatched from reality like a proper space cadet, and constantly feel giddy. Dave is the same, but we’ve been reassured that this is the wonderful world of jet lag.
We ventured into hospital for the first time this morning (wednesday), following a torrential downpour. The hospital is basic but covers all of the main specialities. Dave and I opted to do obstetrics and gynaecology first (babies and womens nads), bearing in mind that we are yet to do this rotation and thought it may stand us in good stead for when we get back to Warwick. Needless to say, we have a combined knowledge of O&G that would fit happily on the back of a postage stamp. So we pitched up to the ward round this morning and were humiliated within the first 5 minutes. When I didn’t know what a ‘foley catheter induction (!)’ was, I was asked what year I was in…I havent felt so small in a long time, and my pathetic retort of ’ I’m sorry, I’ve never done O&G before’ didn’t really help matters. Ah well, shit happens. Apart from that little encounter, everyone seems very friendly and Ive heard on the grapevine that there is the potential to deliver some babies…very exciting!
The Samoan way of life is extremely relaxed; for example, we get to hospital at about 9 am and we leave at approximately 12pm, so that we’re not late for sunbathing round the pool. It’s a hard life and I fear I may not survive another 5 weeks of this.
On the other hand, I was munched to within an inch of my life by every goddam mosqitoe on the goddam island last night…slight exaggeration – I have 12 bites so far, and Dave has 1…git!
I am missing you all very much and promise to write again soon. Lots and lots of love xxxx

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