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June 10, 2009

Online Marketing

Internet or e- marketing has become a very broad topic and it is not my intent to solve all possible problems. Suffice it to say that this field is already densly populated with thousands if not millions of sites and blogs on the subject. Hence my goal is to add value to, as opposed to replicating, such content.

My interest in the marketing/technology interface stems from a very long-standing love-hate relationship with information and communications technology and its usefulness to businesses. My role in the energy industry in the 1970's and 80's involved the use of technology to monitor and log oil and gas wells as they were drilled and then to transmit that information back to the companies' geologists and HQs (and that included full frame video links from remote areas of Alaska back to Denver as long ago as 1980).

My primary interests here (and the foci of this blog strand) are on marketers' practical uses of the technology and the integration of that technology into their marketing strategies and and on consumers' adoption of technologies in their search for and purchase of goods and services. Topics such as online buying and switching behaviour, development of online communities, viral and buzz marketing, and marketing in virtual worlds all fall into this category.

Thoughts, ideas, comments, research, examples and experiences on these topics are most welcome.

June 05, 2009

Hi Honey! I'm Home

Well, hello world

After a year of silence from this blog (during which time no one knew whether this c(h)at existed,  inside or outside of cyberspace) the goal now is to develop some strands that will hopefully entice comment and discussion.

Intitially, the main foci for this blog will be fourfold (all relating to my own areas of research and teaching expertise and interest - well it is my blog, and I do research and teach in one of the world's leading business schools!). These strands are: The concept of trust; Online marketing; Research methods in marketing and strategy; and Marketing education.

Each strand or zone will have its own separate track and tags (q.v.)

And of course, amongst the more serious entries, there will be the ususal smattering of jokes, quotes and anecdotes, together with the occasional 'speakers corner' moments. No point in having a blog if you cannot occasionally express an opinion. But, of course, these will always be with a weather-eye on what is permissible in the globally restrictive insanity that is 'political correctness' that leads us down the road to 1984 and the thought ploice. (Pet peeve #1).

Here's hoping that you will contribute to any debates raised.


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