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May 27, 2009


Coaching is very powerful tool for leaders. This technique relates to previous statement about understanding people. Since it helps to make good relations with team members more effectively. 

The priinciples of coaching are:

1. Establish rapport.  Create a trusting and supportive environment.  Ensure the
coachee is at his/her ease.

2. Clarify the issue for which coaching is required.

3. Establish the effects of the problem, both practical and emotional (what does it
mean, and how does it feel?).

4. Establish possible options.

5. Evaluate options.

6. Generate commitment to change and establish actions and timescales.

I found these steps very helpful for acting as  an effective leader. For example, if the team member is facing with difficulties or his actions have a negative impact on the overall team performance, leader could take an inititiative and make a meeting with this person. At these meeting he could he could go step by step and identify the problems and solutions tio them.

Another important charactersictic of coaching is the fact that it enables to indirectly influence the people's decisions. Coaching does not mean giving advice. From my experience, I found that when you give advice, people are closing and do not take your words seriously. For this pattern reasons are differnt. For expamle, your partner could think that he is smart enough to take an advice from you. If you found that he listens you, he just imitating this. Whereas coaching does mean advice, it just implies the useful conversation between people. Your partner is finding soultions by himself. You role is just showing these probles. Finnaly, I like the last steps of coaching. Since, you indirectly give a task for your partenr by asking when and how he will solve this problem. Your partner take a responsibility fior making this task.

Overall, coaching is useful tool for establising effective ways for being a leader. 

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