June 06, 2009

Effective characterstics for leaders

Good evening everyone.

Now, after discussing the aim of the leadership, I found quite interesting to consider characteristics that

enable to increase the effectivness of leaders. Some of them we could reject, some of them we could take. But

anyway they have big unrealizat potential. So let us discuss and apply them in our personal and career life.

Deming propose these chracterstics that helps to increase the effetcivness of leaders:

  • Responsible for advancement in their system
  • Seeking new knowledge and learning
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Forgiving mistakes
  • Helps employees to understand their work

My propositions:

  • Good psychologyst ( not only understands, but feels people)
  • Ability to give passion and increase overall mood of employees
  • Courage
  • Energetic

So, I am offering an open discussion.

Give your thoughts. Maybe not exactly from academic literature, but you found them useful from your experience and personal life.  

June 02, 2009

The aim of the leadership

Hello everyone.

I have found an interesting thought on leadersip by the guru of 20 century in the mangemnt science.

Edwrads Deming had a considerable experience in the business environment. Since he was sent by USA to help Japan improve their economic situation. As everybody see, that Japan now is a very competetive country. In these development Deming contributed a lot.

Now his brilliant idea about the aim of the leadership:

The goal of the leadership is to improve the performance and quality through bringing pride to work.

I found this stament as an interseting one. Bringing pride implies the  deep understanding human relations at work. By capturing their desires and needs, leaders should increase the job satisfaction enormously. It is very hard to do. However the outcomes from these are increadible: great commitment of workers, establishing creativity, realising their potential etc.

Leders's role is make the job as a place that everybody wants to attend and excited about doing it.

Therefore, leaders has to find the ways of increasing job satisfaction. One suggestion could be - establishing a great and challenging goal from which society could contribute a lot..

So, let us discuss on this issue.....

What are the steps of bringing pride to work.

Any suggetsions?......... 

May 27, 2009


Coaching is very powerful tool for leaders. This technique relates to previous statement about understanding people. Since it helps to make good relations with team members more effectively. 

The priinciples of coaching are:

1. Establish rapport.  Create a trusting and supportive environment.  Ensure the
coachee is at his/her ease.

2. Clarify the issue for which coaching is required.

3. Establish the effects of the problem, both practical and emotional (what does it
mean, and how does it feel?).

4. Establish possible options.

5. Evaluate options.

6. Generate commitment to change and establish actions and timescales.

I found these steps very helpful for acting as  an effective leader. For example, if the team member is facing with difficulties or his actions have a negative impact on the overall team performance, leader could take an inititiative and make a meeting with this person. At these meeting he could he could go step by step and identify the problems and solutions tio them.

Another important charactersictic of coaching is the fact that it enables to indirectly influence the people's decisions. Coaching does not mean giving advice. From my experience, I found that when you give advice, people are closing and do not take your words seriously. For this pattern reasons are differnt. For expamle, your partner could think that he is smart enough to take an advice from you. If you found that he listens you, he just imitating this. Whereas coaching does mean advice, it just implies the useful conversation between people. Your partner is finding soultions by himself. You role is just showing these probles. Finnaly, I like the last steps of coaching. Since, you indirectly give a task for your partenr by asking when and how he will solve this problem. Your partner take a responsibility fior making this task.

Overall, coaching is useful tool for establising effective ways for being a leader. 

May 25, 2009

Points about leadership

Hello everyone.

I thought that it will be useful to post learning points about leadership

from lectures  that I found important for me.

1) Leader -  challlenge situation

  Manager - likes stability

I found this statement as a introduction to leadership. Since it gives a reason for emerging leaders.

For example, in the work condititons manager try to maintain optimise all related processes. He does not like to radically change the situation. He is happy with this mode and keep the activities going. He does not like to take risks and more responsibility. Wheras leaders always looking for areas that could be improved. He should not like the situation. He always seek the challenge. He does not know exactly that these changes only bring 100 per cent benefits, but at least he tries and never sits and doing nothing.

This statement compares the two major roles in business. There is a wisdom word that all things understandable in the comparison. Therofore, I found it very useful

2) Leader is the person that have own values.

This statement gives another important aspect of leader's characteristic. Because, from my point of view leaders should have some sort of morality and values. He should appreciate and develop them. I know that effectivness of leaders does not depend on personal values. If target is achieved, then leader is acted effectively. However, I think leaders should contribute to society positevely. Woithout any morality, he could destroy many lifes of people. Therefore, he should look after for his moral views.

Furthermore, leaders should keep their values stable in every situation. He should not change them. For instance, in one situation her behaves like that, in another situation he behaves differnetly. People that surrounding him could capture these changes and in the end he could lose his credibility.

3) L = f(l, tm, s)

I like this expression of leadeship. It gives the scope of this broad term. It suggets that leadersip should be regarded in the light of leaders, team memebers and situation. Leader has to always adapt to different situation wiht differnet peiople. In the real life, leaders could face with very complex situatiuon. He should be prepared to face them. However sometimes these situation emerge so spontaneously that everybody do not expected this. In thess circumstances leaders ouhgt to take the main role and respond qiuckly. To every situation there will be one unique solution.

Overall this expression points out the flexibility of leaders. They should always find out ordinary solutions to the facing problems.

4) Leaders firsly understand people and then he tries to be understandable.

This aspect states the importance of good realtionship bertween leaders and and team members. Leaders not always should react qiuckly  without  listening others. He firstly tries to undesrtantd the situation by speaking with people. He should not react as an autoritian. With looking insight into situation by not only understanding but also feeling the people, he could identify robust solutions.

Moreover, if things do not go right, leaders should not react to  people without undersatnding them. He ought to carefully listen and speak to them. He could ask these sort of questions: Why you reasct like that? What are the consequences of your action. How do you understand the situation etc. By asking questions he could more effectively lead the group. He shoud be a good psyhologyst.


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