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February 08, 2012

A Growing concern of critical analysis

as we are progressing further in our modules, i am realizing something i wouldn't be sure to say for other colleagues in WMG but this is for sure observable in MBE.

I recall in our first module CBE, Paul was appreciating students who came from abroad and also who did not have English as their first language. The appreciation was geared towards students making an effort of presenting with confidence an coming out of the void.

We then moved on towards Graeme's module, PUISS where we found out that Graeme would find those certain loop holes in our presentations and question us on those. He would expect us all to know every inch of the presentation; something i totally agree with, but there was an occasion where i did not answer something Graeme asked of me and that was because i did not go through that part of the presentation infact the other members had written those 3 slides out of a total of 18.
The point of the matter is that Graeme increased the level of difficulty to the compliance level so that we all should be quite aware how our presentation has been formed and support the answers with the references we used.

Come, Leadership & Excellence Module now.
I am obersving an increased level of difficulty during the presentations where Paul is expecting us to comment on the references that we have used. Paul questions us on things like whether the references we used and the conclusions we used from them are right in our sense or not?
In crux, making us increase our level of critically analyzing on authors and their papers and the credibility of those papers and their conclusions.

I honestly believe this is a stage where Paul is teaching us to get started to analyze papers and not just take them for what they say right away.

Although i should mention, that Graeme just mentioned to us riight now that the level of our presentations today compared to the PUISS module have risen by a large percent.
This means, we are improving!!!

Great going MBE's!!!

November 10, 2011

I haven't stopped Thinking! How i can i reflect on my thinking process!

I recall when i listed down the "to-do list" before this week commenced.

1. PMI E-learning.
2. PUISS hard copy notes
4. PUISS Presentation
5. Blogging/ reflective thinking
6. Job Applications

i was trying to be soo over-effective at that time of making a time table for myself that i even included the following.

1. Skype with family/friends/fiancee (15min)
2. Walking to and fro, university (30-36min)
3. Food! (30-45min)
4. Grocery shopping (15-20min) once a week
5. the 3 S's of everyday morning (Shit, Shower and shave)
6. Sleep (6-7 hrs)
7. Dexter (51min) once a week

It all seemed to go in correct order but life is as they all say, Full of surprises!!!

Today was a wonderful day for me, when i checked my mails before leaving for the presentation session today, i saw a mail for the FACS module, pre-work of not more than 2 days (now did that mean 48 hours only!!!) and an e-test on Monday morning, the 21st!

Oh wait a minute, what about the finishing the PMI e-learning by monday morning!
and also going throught he testimonials!
and i totally forgot! the hard copy notes for PUISS!

i explicitly remember telling mimi that i hardly get time to reflect upon my thinking these days as i am too pre-occupied with thinking in order to complete these things.
This is in no way a hint towards the teaching methods, i am sure that such a schedule shall remain for the duration of this course and it will be a time where time management will play a great role.
Managing different things at the same time is a wonderful method of knowing the possibilities and extent of one's multi tasking traits and the amount of pressure one can take. Afterall, this is a safe environment where we are meant to make mistakes in order to learn from them.

SO, without any sympathetic vote towards myself and others, Cheers to all who are looking up at the good side of things which are to come!
after all, we are not alone in this!!!

Abdul Out.

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