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April 29, 2012

Online application making gone easier!

Being here for a fixed period and not being able to leave at rough days with the university and all, I mentioned a few colleagues back home that I could still facilitate them in arranging the conferences and events.
We as friends began organizing events in our university initially, and this being our first step we were using the Office softwares; word and excel, to create our applications and our registration forms which we had to e-mail then after converting them to adobe pdf.

then we once attended an event and gave the idea to the organizers that we could assist them in creating this initial event procedure. That is how we ended up doing the event registration process

The last event we pulled off required the same details as we used to before, applications to be filled out, briefs to be distributed through e-mail to different groups, basic questionnaire to fill information and details.

But when i inquired of them of what work they would hand over to me, they sent me a weird reply. we outsourced that process.

Outsourced to an online registration tools company, at first impression I felt quite shocked about this that we were not doing the work which we could have easily done. At first I did not bother to even learn this software or work on it. I was using word or excel and then working my way of how I am used to it.

But when my colleagues started giving me resuls faster than we all used to before i felt somehow that there must be something with Regpack. They told me that they were using an event registration software where they had practically solved the whole issue. Applications filling forms, briefs and outlines, a application tool and online support. Online Conference Registration, this link was the first step they took and they never stopped after that. I was personally surprised to see that Regpack has also integrated a safe and secure payment system which is incorporated in their softwares so it is practically, a one stop shop!

The reason i say this, is because we all thought of making websites for events and conferences and we also used to do this. Although this was an expensive route, we still had to provide application forms by pdf and briefs directly by e-mail and for all work we still did not have the one all solution to everything. We had to always create a seperate bank account for this procedure and tell the applicants to send their Bank Drafts/Telegraphic Transfers/ online transfers to a certain local account we had created. This created many hassles for the applicants and we always wondered of creating a payment method on the websites. This solution again resulted in more issues as there were complexities involved in doing that. This, the Secure payment system completes the overall process!


Regpack does not only provide a conference specific software, one needs to explore this website in order to learn what different solutions it offers to a variety of clientele. It has a camp registration software which offers a simple registration software, back-ups files and important information of one year and carries it forward to another year, creating profiles. The registration forms and process can be changed and thus it is not a single-one time form and has the capability of incorporating changing needs of forms.

Since it all fall downs to the software, Regpack can be used for as simple as a camp registration procedure or a full integrated HR procedure. Applicants can be directed to their individual department's questionnaire and then it also makes sure applicants fill in the completed forms.
It makes the work organized and workable.
It makes the management work on more serious and constructive issues rather than the registration process which although is not the most important part of the event/conference but leads to the most time in preparing.

Options are available for payments, visa, mastercard etc.

I think this is an ideal cost-effective registration software, and probably more than just that!

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