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February 29, 2012

can we mix leaders?

was it worth it?
to challenge years of leadership traits, an innate urge to stand forward and risk my reputation at every opportunity that comes my way? That confidence which kept on building itself and gained a momentum where i began to feel insulted if questioned.

Was it all worth it to take a leap forward let others judge myself.
personally if i tell you, i got all the reassurances i had of my leadership traits and the 'areas of improvement'.

Now, the real question comes into play when i have to analyze and select and apply a leadership theory to the leader of an organization in order to develop the leadership required to make the company successful.

The real question lies on which leadership theories will be applicable in this scenario, there is a possibility that there is a mix which will be used, my initial thought tells me that situational and management leadership theories can be used here but then management theories contain a major portion dedicated and geared towards employee reward and punishment. Recalling our LE module, i really want to refrain from using such motivational factors in terms of creating a group coordinated effort of management/employees.

I will definitely try to focus on creating a mix if possible during the course of my work in order to find the most suitable application which is optimal for the case in discussion.

November 27, 2011

A Vision!!!

I could not imagine that a single article would lead to making me a change over in my PMA.
what seemed to be a small change has altogether shaped the PMA in such a manner that is brings more meaning to me now.

It is as Paul said, all common sense but did we ever notice these things. And the answer is a simple yet delicate no.

Although i would in true essence dwell away from the question at hand and start answering something that i personally am starting to believe in quite much now.

Maybe i will obtain some time and write about this in detail afterwards but this is the raw thought process.

When a company defines it's vision (this is during the time they shareholders are deriving the nature of business equity, MOA etc) and makes sense.
So, when a company has created it's vision, all the attempts of the organization are focused towards achieving that vision.
the company starts from level 0 (zero) and directs its path towards the vision (level 10 per say).
the process during this period is practically a period of continuous improvement where the organization, team members, directors and operational employees are realizing better ways of achieving the goal (vision).

although yes, in such a certain case the company will definitely arrive to a point where it has achieved the vision it created and then comes in self-assessment where the organization sets outs new goals in order to achieve higher business excellence and in essence the wheel of continuous improvement is generated yet again.

Not totally my own idea.
for all to learn more from.

Taylor.P & Hirst.J, (2001): Facilitating effective change and continuous improvement: The

Mortgage Express way, Journal of Change Management, 2:1, 67-71

do lemme know how you think about this.

November 07, 2011

Fresher's Flu just hit me!!! And it's not just Flu!

At the weirdest of all times, something happend which takes a whole turn on the way we plan things...
Should i be referring to a flu as a random activity, did i take all measures appropriate to avoid this or was it inevitable due to change of weather i am experiencing for the first time.

I wake up on the morning of the 31st of October, realizing it might be quite late and i need to study now.
peeping outside the window does'nt do that good because it's all gloomy outside with the clouds racing each other.
so i take a look at my watch, turning my body while sitting on the bed creates this pain down my spine but ignore it and focus to look at the time. Amazed, i find out it's not even 7am!

I try to stand up but i feel this odd weakness in my legs, my headaches and i need to take babysteps to walk towards the neccessities.

To my surprise, a shirt, sweater and jacket on top didn't help me survive the cold, did the muffler help, nope.
What's the most depressing fact about this illness is that, 1st November is my birthday!!! Will i spend this God-given Favorite day in bed??? Please...It doesn't make sense to me at all!!!
Fever, cold, cough, flu, headache!!!

Every other moment i try to make an effort to do something constructive but nothing helps, it just worsens my health state to this point of utter helplessness where i just feel like cuddling myself in bed again.
May it be Lemsip, Panadol, Homeopathic...they all just make the pain go away temporarily.

Days pass by and i still can't focus on starting what was supposed to be an amazing journey, my first PMA.

And now, today starts PIUSS study week filled with reading material and e-learning which is to be finished by next week...

But i am glad im back up now...and in full driving mode.

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