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February 01, 2012

Learning to Follow

Learning to Lead gave a glimpse of the importance behind Followers.

As exciting as this conversation can be, i wanted to learn more about followers and the importance of followers before i could reflect further in my mind regarding it.

And although i mentioned in the "Learning to Lead" that at certain instances followers are not motivated by their inner self neither does the leadership has any affect on them in order to gain voluntary commitment from them.
This discussion was further discussed in today's session, since this particularily belongs to regions of developing countries it has a major affect on the performance of organizations. Some might disagree here but it is true that the true potential of an organization can only be achieved when all the members of the organization are fully commitment towards the achievement of goals and no member is only performing at the compliance level but rather exceeding far beyond it.

Yes, in developing countries this is more generally observed that certain members of the organization do not want to commit more than the base compliance level. But after identifying this concern, a whole structure of approach cannot be changed to increase the compliance level since there are many members who are willingly working harder than required and in such an action they will be de-motivated.
Result is to tackle the issue whilst using methods which are only geared towards shifting that certain group of members to become members who are actively and willingly commiting more than compliance standards.

How to tackle this problem?
And this problem has led to certain actions which i developed during my course of experiences which such group members in the past.

I have since tried to delegate more work to group members but when i observe that certain members are not willingly committing themselves to the work at hand i try at first to attract them towards this goal and explain it by breaking down the pie in simple pieces for them to easily understand. At times, this does not work and the result has been awfully bad when i let them be.
So, i have started delegating myself more work in order to complete the task at hand within the time alotted.

This is the only solution i could find during my group projects with fellow coursemates during my under-graduate studies and also during a few presentations in MBE.

I do hope to find ways in which such group members can be efficiently attracted and influenced in a short span of time but since i do not know now, i take the responsibilities of their work as well. I believe, as Leaders we are responsible in the end.

October 10, 2011

become thinkers not just doers

should i mention that i have one of the most energetic of all course leaders!

believe me, i am not making fun over here neither am i playing any game.
i am sure of what Paul told us during the lecture, mini-projects and seminars apart from team study and PMA's!
It's not going to be easy cheesy at all, we're all in for a big roll but then again, Paul says it all as if it's going to be fun, a learning process, a way for us to move ahead together. to be able to learn in a safe environment

And to tell you that truth, when he kept saying its all going to be in a safe environment. I thought about it and you know what, he's absolutely right. It all makes sense now, well if you have had prior work experience and your piers have really pushed you during the course of your brief but hectic professional life.

The real world is far more competitive, there is no margin for error, there are no 'sorrys' accepted and no thank you's given.

Another remarkable experience i had today was to witness Paul giving a summary of one of his life experiences.
A person of age, calibre, knowledge sharing a life experience which we will never have. Being able to hear what he learned through his career in just a few words. Paul is giving us his share of knowledge, his share of learning which he had throughout his life.
Take it in this manner and one feels as if, we're learning soo much over here, every passing minute, every diagram is showing a different angle altogether.

Oh kay, i need to mention the "mini-projects" seemed seminars to me earlier, lol.
I thought these are topics from where we have to choose and each group will be doing one and that there might be two or more groups doing the same same seminar topic as well!
Funny it turned out the worst of what i could even imagine, haha...but then again, Paul makes us look at it from a another view.

Probably one of the most important learning tasks for today was the concept of creating Thinkers instead of just doers.
Example came from a renowned personality, CEO of HCL Technologies. But something which i was still confused to share at that moment was about HCL tech advertisments. And now i am sure of it because i have seen quite a number of their advertisments and they seem to have advertisments where one employee ( Senior ) is found to be helping a another ( a junior/ sub ordinate as it seems). And it brings into perspective the whole idea of Nayar's vision, employees first customers second.

Although i do have quite a number of reservations over here but then again, they are restricted to a developing world's practical life where a number of reasons underpin this concept. Not that it can't be applied in the upper management but this is meant for the actual people who creating the wealth for the company/share holders.

Looking forward to all that comes my way.

October 05, 2011

1st day of MBE 2011

Hearing those Chinese proverbs and what Paul said “Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years”, led me to think about one person and one person above all, my father. As an entrepreneur and a very active member of many professional committees, my dad has always given me time to groom my personality. He is a person who feels that a any person without an aim or goal in his life is just wasting his life.

As Paul began his introductory lecture on what the MBE environment will be and what we should be expecting from it further increased my enthusiasm to learn this course. It seemed that there is a major link between my father’s principles and the subject area of this course.

What amazes me the most are the reservations my course mates have so far.
I personally believe that if we are to work in a group and furthermore work together in different modules we should get out of our cultural barriers and interact with everybody and let them all feel at home.

As one of my colleague mentioned today that we are to practically spend one year together so we should start acting like one family. I thought that there is nothing wrong in what he said, in fact I endorse his thoughts and appreciate the fact that he opened up to me regarding this.

By the way, the best part about today, was trying to make use of a newspaper J

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