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December 24, 2011


probably the first time the christmas is being over shadowed by the work i have...and i assume all of us have for that matter.

One of the reasons why i did not want to go back to my home conutry was so that i could focus on my work and not be derailed by all my family members trying to have a piece of me for 10 days. The eventual option was to atleast be with some family members back in London, and the result seems to be Not according to plan! haha.

With minimum 16 members in the home, apart from 4 kiddies who are running around the home all day long, making me play karate with them and then trying to guess my age all the time. It all is sweet, country food, everything is served on the table, a television to watch after 3 months!!! but then again it all is a distraction from work.

Especially for all of those who are still connected with their family roots, generally the families in the Sub-continent. For all of us families matter the most and here too, it seems kind of weird to restrain ourselves from interacting with them and locking ourselves in a room in order to study. But i suppose with time such things ar bound to happen.

i am glad though my trip to oxford landed me a wonderful opportunity to see all the lights and glamor.

Ox streetAlthough the christmas concept has converted to shopping sprees, boxing days and parties all night long...These lights, all the people having a laugh for a change does bring the essence of it in some manner...

So without further adue,

I wish you all...
friends, coursemates, colleagues, WMG and the University
Merry Christmas!!!

December 01, 2011

Winning Margin!

what felt as a third consecutive week of all-day long studying, pre-works e-learnings, i was already exhausted to consider myself for another module; though one of my favorite subjects, and that too with a 9am e-test on monday!

Being introduced to the basic concepts of financial accounting and the 3 basic statements was a park in the ride for me but i was seemingly interested in the table graphs on our table. Named "Winning Margin" i felt this could be a wonderful practice to understand the workings of a manufacturing concern coupled with the responsibilities that entail the different departments.

Although this module presented a different aspect in consideration to the CBE & PUISS, but it presented the world as a reality; taking certain assumptions although, the competitiveness and the scenario of opportunity costs, sunken costs etc.

Winning MarginBeing the Purchase manager in this regard, i initially thought my responsibilities were confined to providing the supply and that was all.

During the 3 years / 12 quarters we practised this simulation, i came to realize the links between the commercial managers and productions and the purchase as well.

The Timing of it all mattered all as well, but the most important was the coordination between the managers.

The communication; which at times was heated, brings out the positivity within the group or organization and the coordinated efforts create the room for all managers to play.

I am sure the PMW for this module will be worth it all...

and one more thing...
a company's 1 year ratios cannot tell us anything about the performance since we are not using a trend...
but yes, the director's report might give us more info.

Abdul Out...

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