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October 26, 2011

What? only 30min of research???

"what you should do, is give atleast 30min of research time to the seminar question"

Ofcourse we all decided right there and then that its going to be just 30min of research and we'll note down all we can in that half an hour time...

Just to share this with you all.

i've been on the Net for hours now!
finally found key articles and papers which will definitely make me think of something useful in about odd 30min :)

such seminar questions need alot of research in order to be fully answered.
But then, for all these questions we are having now, Paul has already provided us with the answers...

if a group of people work on the same thing, each person requires less effort and together as a team, they all achieve far more than what they could have individually.

Thank you Paul, for answering questions before we even knew they were answers!

Abdul out

October 24, 2011

Let's Create Business Excellence

alright now, where should i start from.

Should i start from the undeniable fact that that today's lecture started with a statement from Paul which brought a big huge smile on my face!
"never be late, would you ever be late for your CEO? so don't be late for your group members"

Although for a slight moment i did feel and i will admit that i did, that the statement may not stand in certain situations where there is an emergency case, but then it hit my mind...
What amazes me about this statement is the wisdom which has been fumed in it.

Giving equal importance to one's group members, i had never thought of that ever before in that manner.

Today's lecture was the first official lecture and our very first module, CBE (creating Business Excellence).

it was also the very first day for Parmindar Singh to be become part of our learning group. Just to add a feather in Parminder's cap, it really was interesting listening to him and Paul discuss their experiences. Because as i explained earlier experiences shared over days and months can be abridged in a few certain sentences, and those very sentences make up the learning experience. An experience we can gain in seconds...

What i didn't expect to hear today were words like, "let's not be competitive", "let's combine our efforts", "Co-opetition".

though i would love to see the world living in harmony, with people and organizations sharing their values and academic and professional wealth in a manner to create mutual benefits but then again to see the world we live in today, it seemed hardly possible.

I myself have had this certain thought but during the course of my little experience i have seen with my own two wide eyes that the world operates quite differently. It's not just one organization, it's the way the markets operate, the money markets, the commodity markets, the industries, buying and selling, all of it...

What brought some sense into this futile brain of mine, were the methods by which Paul reflected how certain of these concepts can be realized.

the simple top down approach, where aims are highlighted by the CEO/ Senior Management and portrayed by them as well. Where the workforce is a means to an end.Top Down Approach

this is the approach we all management students are quite familiar to.

Now, observe what Paul brought to us in a matter of seconds...

Top Down Invertedit was a certain sight we never catched in our entire studies.
I am not saying that we studies Management throughout our lives but i did manage to take a course during my under graduate degree of management and i saw the top-down approach.

I could never see it this way.

the fact that the actual wealth creaters are the workforce.

the fact that a business can't operate without it's workforce...
is ture, but then again did we ever give this thought much thought?

Now, let's go beyond this!!!
and this is special seriously.

Sharing visionit was said, that the Senior Management is to facilitate the workforce achieve the vision in this manner. the workforce and the levels of employees which fall under the senior mangement.'

Moving towards another one of Paul's words which i highly respect now.

"There are no weaknesses, there are only scenarios for improvement"

i may begin to describe fully what he meant by this but it would never fully entail all the wisdom Paul has cited in this one statement...let this be as it is...

Last but not the least, regarding Paul's notion of writing blogs.
he mentioned that writing blogs will be a way of having reflective thinking and also looking upon.

What have i learned today?
How does it matter to ME?
how can it help/link to my future/past?

Self-Assessment, EFQM.

self assess yourself, how can this help me in my past.

connect that dots and one would realize that Paul's purpose of giving us a healthy job of writing blogs is his way of embedding self assessment within ourselves. make us realize our own mistakes and then conquer them by finding ways of improvement.

Yes, this is a safe environment but then again this will not remain forever...
One day we will have to face the world and face the world not with the same greed as the world manages itself today but rather in a way which will and should become the way of the future.

Abdul Out.

October 15, 2011

Alas! WiFi!!!

Follow-up to Virgin Media's Customer Service!!! from Abdul's blog

So, today is the 15th of October, the Saturday i had been waiting for soo endlessly...
it was like constipation lolx

The virgin Technical personnal came to our accommodation and resolved our issue. Alas!!!

and just to add something here.
this person was soo helpful that he also showed and made me a copy of the settings i could use is the router of the superhub fails to work any time in the future.

Thanks Virgin Media!!!

October 12, 2011

Virgin Media's Customer Service!!!

Virgin MediaSo here goes my first Customer care experience with an renowned service like
Virgin Media!

What happens to a person like me or the general masses which come to Bri'ain is, that we expect things to be far better organized and professional in approach, in service, in manner, practically in all cases.

And truth be told, i did apparently find many things organized over here, the transport system in all of UK is probably the best compared from all places, London Underground itself is considered the most planned underground system in the world.

But then again; apart from the accommodations hassle i mentioned earlier in another blog, me and my roommates came upon a wonderful experience with Virgin Media's cable internet services.

When i moved in my accommodation, i was amazed to find out that there was an internet connection already installed by my roommates. Overwhelmed, i just left my luggage packed and logged on to my laptop, asked the password of teh wifi and then logged in.

I was entering the password for skype so that i could talk to my parents back at home when suddenly the wifi signals vanished! Recalling that the same issues randomly came at my home country's internet service, i waited for a while. 5 minutes...10 minutes...With this little frustration i went downstairs to find out that the LAN cable through the Superhub was working on my roommate's laptop but the Wifi service was'nt!

Depressed for a while, i started to unpack my luggage and got busy in setting up my room to find later around 1am that the signals for wifi were back! I logged onto Facebook and uploaded a picture of my room and then i was about to go through the tons of notifications when the unexpected occured again, signals dropped!

Now, the typical reaction towards this scenario in my country is that we give a call to the customer service centre in order to talk to a CSR (Customer Service Representative) to whom we blabber about the time we waited on the phone listening to music (which is generally ranging from 5-10minutes) and then we eventually tell them to fix my internet service. After a series of standard questions, they come to realize that the issue is with the area where i am located in and thus they tell a team will come tomorrow and fix it up.

Over here, when i called virgin media at 1.30am, i was told to enter my account number followed by the area number given. After this, the computer generated voice asks about general directions where i want to talk to which further leads towards music. Now i recall in all honesty that after the 22nd minute, my 'pay as you go' credit was finished and the call ended.
Again frustrated, but with no possible outcome i thought about going to sleep.

the Next morning was a wonderful surprise to me, the wifi signals were working perfect and the speed was upto 3.1 mbps!!!
the whole day went wonderful as i was streaming a few shows and updating the computer and also talking to people and my family.
Come 4pm, the wifi signals dropped again!
when i tried to mingle with the Superhub, turned it off and dis-connected it, the signals came back but there was no connectivity. the usual error "Troubleshoot blah blah"...

Since i had to go to university, i left this problem aside and didn't give it much thought.

What followed in the following days, was a trip down to coventry to teh Virgin Media outlet where i explained them the whole problem and requested that a technical team be sent to our address to resolve the issue.
Their response was, that for that sir you should contact our help desk / customer care lines.
I informed the lady that the last time i 'Tried' to contact them it took me roughly 20minutes and there was no one who answered, to which she responded, "Sir, i'm sure you enjoyed the music while you waited".
When i asked her again how much time would it take for me to get hold of one of their customer care respresentatives, she responded that generally it takes around 30-40minutes.

30 to 40 minutes!!!
to make a complaint!!!!!!
on a customer care number!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you kidding???????????
you know how much it costed me on that 22minutes wait???

So i decided to call them once again when i get my SIM contract.
i think the call i made again was on the 8th again.

And imagine, how long i had to wait in order to get through???
I entered the account number, after pressing zero
then i keyed in the area code.
then i waited for like 20 odd minutes after which the computer generated voice asks me,
which sort of music would i like to hear???
Please press 1 for hiphop, 2 for jazz i think, 3 for something else, leading on till 5.

And in my mind, i was thinking, Recession hit these guys reaaaaaly hard.

Moving on, i was finally intercepted by a woman who asked me again about my account number and my area code, (what was the purpose of asking these things earlier???)
after listening to the complaint she forwarded me to another person, which meant another 10-15 minute hold on the call.

When i eventually talked to this overseas representative, she was quite helpful and told me about certain changes that i was to make on the device's settings and that if they don't work she would call me again tomorrow.

When i came back to my apartment from univ, i tried to check the settings and call it a coincidence but these changes had already been made on the superhub.

So, we sat down in our roommates room all trying to make something work but our efforts did end in vain.
During our conversation and our attempts, my roommate informed me that he also called their customer care earlier and informed them of the same issue to which they came to the address and gave an extra superhub!

Does it make sense???
ummmmmmm nope.

the eventual result is that they Virginmedia group's 2nd in line technical supervisor has found a technical fault in the superhub which we use.
and the earliest that their team can come to our address to fix it up is on the 15th Oct.

a 10-minute wait in a nation-wide media service in a 3rd world country is hell lot of a wait...
and i thought we didn't know about customer care.

October 11, 2011

Godfather Marathon


"My offer is this...nothing"

what begins as a masterpiece, the beginning where we have one of the longest single 'takes' in hollywood history till the point where we see Pacino screaming with audio silenced, yet everyone is able to forget their tears and look at this man who just lost what he had been protecting all his life.

Godfather is a gift; from Mario Puzo & Coppola, which filmmakers will continue to love, cherish and recall for almost all of their lives.

Regarding myself, I think i have watched this picture numerous times and i am always astonished to find something new.

One time, it was the fact that the opening sequence was one of the longest at that time, spanning over roughly 3 minutes. And then another time i went in deep to realize the horrors Michael faced during the numerous transitions he goes through.
Watching a film is something entirely different but engulfing one's self into a character to experience what the character encounters humself is totally different.

Take for example the character of Marlon Brando...
His face, commands power.
the movement of his hands commands power and authority.

This isn't just a film make of the Italian Mafia which once existed in the United States, this isn't just a film about Power and greed, this isn't just a film about love and family.
It's what i call a movie fan's orgasm.

Godfather encompasses almost all of most unique and most descriptive of acts, sequences, emotions of affection and love, of evil and hate, of deception and betrayel, of revenge, of sympathy. It contains the Henry Mancini's most illustrative symphony

Truth be told,
The studio gave Robert Redford as their 1st priority to be cast as Michael Corleone.
Among other offers were also Jack Nicolson, Dustin Hoffman, Martin Sheen...
But Coppola had spotted Al Pacino and wanted an actor whom nobody had ever seen before.
the situation came to this point that Coppola said he would quit if Al Pacino is not signed as Michael.

No matter how much one writes about this film, a critique on this film would not do justice because where ever you go, this film is still regarded as one of the greatest films ever made.

This is just my way of expressing that Godfather, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Robert Duvall, Diance Keaton, Henry Mancini and Francis Ford Coppola will live in our lives forever.


October 10, 2011

become thinkers not just doers

should i mention that i have one of the most energetic of all course leaders!

believe me, i am not making fun over here neither am i playing any game.
i am sure of what Paul told us during the lecture, mini-projects and seminars apart from team study and PMA's!
It's not going to be easy cheesy at all, we're all in for a big roll but then again, Paul says it all as if it's going to be fun, a learning process, a way for us to move ahead together. to be able to learn in a safe environment

And to tell you that truth, when he kept saying its all going to be in a safe environment. I thought about it and you know what, he's absolutely right. It all makes sense now, well if you have had prior work experience and your piers have really pushed you during the course of your brief but hectic professional life.

The real world is far more competitive, there is no margin for error, there are no 'sorrys' accepted and no thank you's given.

Another remarkable experience i had today was to witness Paul giving a summary of one of his life experiences.
A person of age, calibre, knowledge sharing a life experience which we will never have. Being able to hear what he learned through his career in just a few words. Paul is giving us his share of knowledge, his share of learning which he had throughout his life.
Take it in this manner and one feels as if, we're learning soo much over here, every passing minute, every diagram is showing a different angle altogether.

Oh kay, i need to mention the "mini-projects" seemed seminars to me earlier, lol.
I thought these are topics from where we have to choose and each group will be doing one and that there might be two or more groups doing the same same seminar topic as well!
Funny it turned out the worst of what i could even imagine, haha...but then again, Paul makes us look at it from a another view.

Probably one of the most important learning tasks for today was the concept of creating Thinkers instead of just doers.
Example came from a renowned personality, CEO of HCL Technologies. But something which i was still confused to share at that moment was about HCL tech advertisments. And now i am sure of it because i have seen quite a number of their advertisments and they seem to have advertisments where one employee ( Senior ) is found to be helping a another ( a junior/ sub ordinate as it seems). And it brings into perspective the whole idea of Nayar's vision, employees first customers second.

Although i do have quite a number of reservations over here but then again, they are restricted to a developing world's practical life where a number of reasons underpin this concept. Not that it can't be applied in the upper management but this is meant for the actual people who creating the wealth for the company/share holders.

Looking forward to all that comes my way.

October 05, 2011

1st day of MBE 2011

Hearing those Chinese proverbs and what Paul said “Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years”, led me to think about one person and one person above all, my father. As an entrepreneur and a very active member of many professional committees, my dad has always given me time to groom my personality. He is a person who feels that a any person without an aim or goal in his life is just wasting his life.

As Paul began his introductory lecture on what the MBE environment will be and what we should be expecting from it further increased my enthusiasm to learn this course. It seemed that there is a major link between my father’s principles and the subject area of this course.

What amazes me the most are the reservations my course mates have so far.
I personally believe that if we are to work in a group and furthermore work together in different modules we should get out of our cultural barriers and interact with everybody and let them all feel at home.

As one of my colleague mentioned today that we are to practically spend one year together so we should start acting like one family. I thought that there is nothing wrong in what he said, in fact I endorse his thoughts and appreciate the fact that he opened up to me regarding this.

By the way, the best part about today, was trying to make use of a newspaper J

October 02, 2011

The misery faced by Off–campus

With such a fulfilled face we all apply for accommodations, hoping we would all obtain a university accommodation apart from the fact that it actually is pretty expensive assuming the university subsidizes certain things in their campus.

We move towards this certain phase when we are struck by this e-mail from Warwick accommodations, that we have not been alotted an on campus accommodation since there was a "random balleting' which took place and it decides the fate of us all.

in light of this statement which we foresee,
" you have approx 4-5 days to respond rather accept the agreement which we have offered you, otherwise we cannot gurantee you accommodation, we will assist you but will not gurantee".

the first thoughts swirming in my mind at that moment were that, after paying the university such a monumental amount, i am still being considered unlucky.

being an international student totally inaware of the norms and practices of this nation and specifically this certain area, i choose not take risks and opt for the accommodation which i search from google maps to be more of like one end of coventry.

Nevertheless, the hype of moving to warwick and studying there keeps me fulfilled till the day when i actually land in coventry and am picked up by those red shirt warwick helpers. such a warm welcome it seemed altogether.

at the point of accommodation keys and status letter, i realize hell im paying almost the same as most of the people in university accommodations!!!

67 per week rent, 20 per week electricity and gas, internet seperate and bus travel daily with a travel time of roughly 1 hour daily, just To university!

being shocked what i am to do in a situation like this where im being ripped off financially and still living outside the university lifestyle, one hour away from the light of university.

i plan to ask the accommodations officers; apart from the fact that i had been and still am writing to the accommodations officers, what are the options i have as the accommodation alotted to me in financially unviable and geographically quite far away for me to actively participate in societies.

Although the officer was kind and responding and assisting me but the last word was that i have to file a formal complaint to the accommodations now.

still waiting for a response, thats my luck in university uptil now.

i don't even have a lock key for my room.

i need divine intervention...

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