April 30, 2012

I'm a shop floor worker with ideas!!!

1st day at MOC and should i say there was chaos!!!

it was chaotic!!!
i could see that the sales manager, the MD, the R&D, the dispatcher, almost everyone was coming to our area and asking about the products while we kept saying that we don't have the batteries to work with!!!

we lost our 1st 3 orders because of that.

and although the supplier issue was eliminated afterwards there were a lot of managerial issues that were not working properly for the organization to perform to it's optimum capacity.

we highlighted many issues and i realized that theses issues are realistic in nature.

communication issues exist everywhere and need to be sorted out.
Not by everyone and not by the MD at all times.

the MD at times needs his juniors to direct the vision and strategy in a fashion that can be taken with positive note and acted upon. Further more the managers need to work in collaboration with other parties since it is all linked.

an issue which was raised today that if we work on our roles we will resolve all issues.
I see this differently because the roles of everybody are linked together.

there is an input, a process and an output.
This is the basic function required by every manager/employee.

they have to recieve something, process it and then further the process to the other dept.
If we all can understand the layout or routing the process and respect it in the manner following orders from our direct superiors then things can work.

But then again, this is the minimum compliance level which is expected of us and as change managers we are supposed to go far beyond this as we have to maintain the current situation, plan for a new direction and also lead the company and all members of the company in that direction, assisting them and resolving their concerns in all ways.

Now, a manager/senior does not neccessarily have to resolve the issues by hand, just provide a direction and clarify what is wanted of them...the actual work needs to be done by the people responsible.

i have put many ideas today, including division of dept's geographically.
Direct orders according to the hierarchy level explained in the organizational structure.
R&D to put forth questions infront of the customers in order to recieve info about potential products that can be brought.
Resolve issues with our suppliers because, we are one team for the customer.
So, we need to consider our suppliers as a one team and work with them, use one of the KM strategies to share knowledge with suppliers in order to release the tensions and also focus on more important issues like having JIT concept work in reality (although this is not possible for the simulation).

Let's hope if these are correct measures to be used and are implemented.
I do take complete responsibility for my ideas and will appreciate if ppl consider taking risks and playing safe.

change management requires one to take risks, calculated risks but at times they have to take a leap of faith.

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