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November 17, 2011

Sigma Level!!!

Follow-up to 6 Sigma Improvement!!! from Abdul's blog

The test date!!!

We finally got into order; leaving aside a few last minute changes, and got set to begin the experiment.

According to the Cause and effect diagram, we had tried to resolve the major capacity of our initial problems and this was the time to test our solutions.

The results as clear as they can be...

Delivery Timeswith an exception of a special cause which we identified during the actual experiment stage; since it was explicit, we knew exactly the reason why the time of 8min 16sec's came for the delivery of 1 plane.


But apart from that, looking at the average time being 210 sec's and the tolerance limits being 195-225 seconds.
Our 11 experiments which came in common cause had 4 such delivery times which were out of tolerance limits of the customer.
3 of these experiments were due to early timing, which means that our process timing had improved monumentally rather we had become over-effective.

Apart from that we were within the tolerance limits which brought to us making further calculations on our experiment to derive our Cp, Cpk. sigma level and DPMO.


It was evident from our recorded times that we had improved our process.
Taking into consideration the training of the operators played the major role here.
So, thanks to

and Kenny

Without the efforts of these highly skilled operators we would have never worked it out.

Apart from the major improvement, the role of positioning our stocks also gave us a better position on our records.

Lastly, the balance that we created between operator's operations, streamlining their efforts and making the operations work in a equal proportion according to effort, time, sensitivity all gave us an edge in our final test.

Although we initially found out the most financially effective solution was to have 3 operators but this did not seem an economically viable solution so we increased to having 4 operators as a trial.

This test lead to increased pressure on almost all the pressures with 2 of them being focused on tightening more than 7-9 bolts and nuts.

The efforts lead to having 5 operators and 1 logistics person and eventually we resorted to having 6 operators and no logistics.

The opportunity cost of making deliveries on time weighed more than having stocks present at the workstation and not having the WIP to work on. This factor further elaborated into the fact that 1 logistics person could not handle the tools, equipment and material of 6 operators without creating lapses and delays for the whole process.

Our efforts gave us a bright light on how minor adjustments could and can in reality make a big difference on the process and resultantly on the final outcome of the process. in our case, the quality of our aeroplanes and the delivery time of the planes was improved visibly and we further came up with future enhancements/improvements which could be taken into consideration to further improve the process.

Congrats to you all!!!

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