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September 27, 2018

In the colony…

I have been in Canada (or the colony as they tell me) for twenty-five days, and there is much for me to absorb and take in! For those unaware, I am a PAIS study on a year abroad in Canada at the University of Waterloo. I chose this experience as I live too conservatively and I rarely do anything exciting or fun. I also wanted to explore the world and this provides the perfect opportunity for me to do so!

When arriving in Canada I was oddly calm and if anything, excited. I arrived after an eight-hour flight, got a ride to Waterloo and after twenty-five days I am still here! My early observations are positive. Canada is a generally unique country in which the diversity is celebrated and the weather is downright bizarre. This is an introductory blog and I hope to enter maybe twice or once a week. I have done much already and that shall be covered in the following blog.

From the colony,


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