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November 18, 2010

The Game

This is when the game starts. Whether it is the most exciting one you have played or the same old boring one you are in. Down on the screen of your imagination you can see the territory. It is just the beginning. So you can not see a lot. All you see from the top is the black area. At the front the jungle is visible. You are getting close . Wait! As soon as your thinking you realise you are inside. It is not the first time you are lost. God knows how many times you have managed to find your way out. The secret is to relax and enjoy the jungle. Listen. Listen well to the sound which is surrounding all around you. Surrender to the beauty of the nature. Your time will start. Your pain will end. Whether you have chosen or not you are in the game regardless of how difficult and disruptive it might be. It is a chance to find yourself and be it. If you enjoy it you you are the real winner. I know you can. So start …

November 05, 2010

Days of confusion

Days of confusion have come over again. I didn't expect them to come back . I didn't even invite them. But they found their way through. There are certain periods in life when you feel things have become difficult to be dealt with. The feeling is not the same. You see things differently while they are the same as they were. It could possibly arise from the fact the you have changed and you have not realized yet. When I think about my past, I think about all the glorious moments and experiences I had and the way I used to deal with my problems. I recall coping with most terrible circumstances in my previous job. What did I use to do that I must do again? I know! I should spend time on the books which I used to read. They were really helpful in terms of  helping me to think more positive and to find solutions in critical situations.. I will do that right now. If one lesson I have learned in life that is If you think something is right, do it now.

November 2010

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