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January 30, 2006

Edinburgh Marathon 2006 Training– 30–01–06

Hill training! The very words filled me with thoughts of running exhausted for hours on end up a hill. However, in reality this session was quite satisfying.

Firstly I did some warm up stretches, a fast walk and then jog over to Cryfield. Next to the sports pavilion there is a long uphill stretch of drive there which seemed ideal for the task.

The idea was to run as fast as you can up the incline for 30 seconds then jog back down and around the track at the base of the incline for 2min 30sec. By repeating this 10 times, you get a good uphill workout (which is what I really need in prep. for Edinburgh!)

After the session I jogged back to Claycroft and warmed down with some stretching for 10 mins.

Anyway, I can now get on with my work feeling very smug that I've stretched myself this morning.

January 23, 2006

Edinburgh Marathon 2006 Training– 21–01–06

I was really apprehensive of this run as I needed to run 9 miles; I'd never run anything more than 6 miles before.

Using routeplanner software, I found the following route to be pretty much 9 miles.

-Home to town via Camp Hill Road
-at the fountain, turn right and get onto Queen's Road
-follow Queen's Road to the end and go left past the Boro ground
-Keep on that road all the way up past Stockingford and the Round Towers all the way up to the Ansley village roundabout
-through Ansley village until Church End then take a right on the B4114
-follow the B4114 through Ansley Common and stop at the One Stop Shop near the Brett's Hall estate

This run took me 1hr 27min 44sec to complete so from this, I can assume that 26.2 miles will pretty much take 4.5 hours. Not great but I'm sure I'll see this figure come down.

At the end, I felt a little sore (especially around the knees and ankles) but I could have kept running indefinitely.

Edinburgh Marathon 2006 Training– 20–01–06

This session was basically an easy run for 35 mins which I did after TKD. I ran up past Lakeside, round past Westwood, past Cannon Park, on to Claycroft then up through Gibbet Hill and finally Cryfield again. The session was uneventful but I do anticipate some harshness tomorrow with the long run.

January 20, 2006

Edinburgh Marathon 2006 Training– 19–01–06

Firstly, I have to apologise if I don't manage to get my training news up on the day I actually to the run in question but I'm so busy at present, it often slips my mind!

Yesterday's training was one of the harshest sessions I've done so far but for that reason I felt the best after it and it taught me a lot about the mental stamina I'll need. The session was a threshold run of full power for 10mins followed by a 2 min rest jog then another 10mins at full power then finish. Sounds easy? It's actually really knackering and the worst thing is that it would be so easy to just back off the speed and pretend you're running at full power.

Another issue is that I can't run by the road at that speed. I'm breathing that heavily that I end up feeling sick from the fumes. In futurem high speed runs will be done in the countryside!

My heart rate monitor has completely packed up so I'm going to email the guy who sold it me. It wasn't expensive but still, it's annoying when someone does you over!

The next session is an easy run for half an hour this evening after some TKD training.

January 17, 2006

Edinburgh Marathon 2006 Training– 17–01–06

I missed yesterday's run due to needing to recover from lack of sleep and shin splints so I decided to do it before TKD as a sort of warm up.

The run was a steady run for 20mins at effort 2 (65–75% MHR). I started at Cryfield and, after doing to some leg raises and a brisk walk to warm up, I ran down past Lakeside, up past the WBS, around through Lakeside again and back up the same road to Cryfield. Throughout, I was always within breath and my heart rate was 70% most of the time. I've realised that although the pedometer is not necessarily an accurate measure of distance, I can use it to measure the number of paces over time and so measure any improvement in pace for a given heart rate.

Anyway, by the end, It was 1900 so I got changed for TKD.

January 10, 2006

Edinburgh Marathon 2006 Training– 09–01–06

Today's Training
Got up nice and early and did a steady run at Effort 2 for 30 minutes. I started at Claycroft and ran past the lake, into the woods up and round to the road just off Kenilworth Road and back down through the estate at Cannon Park.

Generally, I didn't feel knackered (I could have kept going) but my shins are still a bit sore (although nowhere near as bad as on Saturday).

The Training Plan
Reading up about shin-splints has shown that I just need to rest a little more between sessions. Instead of training Mon, Thur, Fri & Sat, from next week I'm going to train Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat to allow recovery between sessions.

January 05, 2006

Edinburgh Marathon for AYME– 11th June 2006

I've now registered for the Edinburgh Marathon on 11th June 2006. I'm running for the Association of Young People with ME (AYME). Their website is at link

I've also set up a sponsorship page with JustGiving at link

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