September 10, 2007

PhD Work– 10/09/07


Got in 20 minutes late (forgot memory stick) so got to work.

I’ve officially started my final year now as of the 1st September and I have until the 31st August 2008 to get finished. However, my goal is to finish (I.e. submit) before my 27th birthday.

To do this, the goal is as follows:

September 2007: RS01 (Lille bump without flow control)
October 2007: RS02 (Lille bump with a skewed, steady jet)
November 2007: RS03 (Lille bump with skewed, pulsed jet)
December 2007: RS04 (Lille bump with synthetic jet)
January-March 2008: Finish running of the above

Other simulations to be completed include:
- MT01-01 & -03: Flat plate validation of S-A model (inc. wall functions)
- MT01-02: Backward facing step validation of the DES formulation
- MT02: Circular cylinder validation of the Immersed Boundary Method
- FT01: Synthetic Jet simulations (I.e. from NASA CFDVAL2004)

These will be completed as and when I can get onto Solar.

On that, the resources to be used will be as follows:

Skua: RS Simulations (As this is the fastest)
Solar(when it works): MT Simulations
Firefly: FT simulations

I also intend to run a single, test simulation to test the speeds of each of these systems.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to write until results start coming in and then I can add to the relevant chapters. As it stands:

Chapter1: PWC has checked this over and I simply need to apply changes
Chapter 2: ”
Chapter 3: Pretty much complete
Chapter 4: Finish Re=100 simulations (I.e. post process and write-up)
Chapter 5: Finish BF step simulations and write-up DES formulation
Chapter 6: Finish all SJ simulations and write-up
Chapter 7: Write-up as RS results finish
Chapter 8: Write at very end

I think that now, I will look at the necessary RS01 simulations and make a plan for getting these running.


Altix is down for maintenance at present so am working on other sims on Solar (which is actually working)

- MT01-02-A03 & B03 are running (I.e. BF step with fine grid)
- Need to get running MT01-02-C01 to C03 after this (I.e. BF step with 3D DES)
- Need to take a look at MT02-01 Re=100 case results, post-process & check they’re ok (Will do this tomorrow)
- Will head home now and get some FT01 simulations running (and list those needed)

After that, I will be visiting Wallace at GE and then finish that lecture for the ATC exped. training syllabus.

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