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March 27, 2007


Milla & I are celebrating our engagement and 24th/26th birthdays this weekend on Saturday 31st March at the Cryfield Sports Pavilion. Pictures will be posted up here next week!

PhD Work– 27/03/07


The plan for today is to finish reading that paper on LES over a BFS (hopefully by 1000) the get into the office and get on with setting up the combinations of methods in 2D. Once this is done I can try and set up a 3D simulation using some of the 2D data.


Finished reading that paper so can get on with simulations…

Had an idea. Although running a full LES sim of the bump+jet is out of the question, what about a bump alone simulation?


  • Estimate grid requirements for bump using LES
  • Set-up ‘combinations’ of methods
  • Check WF + IBM simulation (rs01-02-07) is working ok


Simulation rs01-02-07 does not appear to be having any wall function application going on. Will need to rethink how the IBM interacts with the WF approach.

Previously, the WF approach would only be applied if both the nblv points above AND below were fluid but this would negate the WF approach throughout. Have changed this statement to above OR below.


Right, I think I can get an LES simulation of the full bump working for 4.5M nodes. This will take approx. 6 months to run assuming I DON’T use a preliminary 2D simulation for initial conditions. After lunch, I will carry on with my assessment then email Peter & Yongmann the results.


Had a long lunch as I needed to service the car and go shopping but am back in the office and am going to sort my space out. I’m going to keep work stuff here and try to work from here much more.


Sorted books & papers out. Can get on with work now.


  • Email Lille
  • Check rs01-02-07
  • Read paper from Juice
  • Decide on combinations (although I think rs01-02-07 is all that will be necessary)
  • Look at setting up a 3D BL profile (MT03-01) but with very high levels of disturbance. (around 100%)


With regards to rs01-02-07, I changed the dimension line at the beginning of coeffu3 from nblu(0:500,0:500) to nblu(0:id,0:jd). This has changed the WF application points so we shall see!

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