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May 14, 2007

PhD Work– 14/05/07




  • RS01: Lille Bump without flow control
    The primary goal is to get some reasonable full Re RANS results to compare with the work of Bernard (2003). I also need to get on with the 3D results which will include looking at the 2D DES simulation then extending to 3D.
  • MT03: Turbulent Inflow Rescaling
    The subroutine is written and implemented and the simulation appears to be working ok but it does crash around 80 timesteps in. There appears to be an oscillating part at the edge of the boundary layer which probably seeds the instability. Will need to look into this
  • RS02,03&04: Lille bump with flow control
    Maybe get on with writing the part in the ‘boundw3’ subroutine which will apply the jets to the flow.
  • MT02-01: IBM Testing (Re=100)
    Carry on running this case until it has settled down into a nice periodic vortex shedding mode.

The results chapter could do with being updated as Lille results become available. To this end I should probably also get on with the subroutine which will assess the pressure at the boundary points and so work out the forces on the bump

Look for the recent work of Stanislas (in the last year or so in the AIAA Journal). Also, if there is no other reading to do, get into Peter’s book to build up some extra general fluids knowledge in preparation for the viva.


Have set running:

rs01-03-01: Needs to run ‘run10’ so have set running for that only
rs01-02-12: Have set a shell to run ‘run04’ and ‘run05’
mt02-01-B01: Have set running ‘run05’ only


Since this morning I’ve managed to solve the MT03-01 problem with the kink. The weighting function was being applied in reverse. At present, the following simulations are running.

  • MT02-01: IBM Testing
    mt02-01-B01: As above
  • MT03-01: TI Rescaling
    mt03-01-27: Turbulent inflow rescaling testing
  • RS01-02: Lille bump without flow control
    rs01-02-12: Running on for 06-10 (2D DES)
    rs01-02-13: 3D version of 12
  • RS01-03: Lille bump at full Reynolds number
    rs01-03-01: Running on for 11-15
    rs01-03-02: Same as 01 but with dx*2 so time saving of x4

Will head home now and spend the rest of the evening reading up from Peter’s book.

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