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March 12, 2007

DVD Review– Mission to Mars (2000)

3 out of 5 stars

I started watching this thinking it was going to be the classic ‘disaster’ style space movie of late (I.e. Deep Impact, Armageddon) and the first hour seemed to be such. Especially unneccesary was the scene in which three of the astronauts were killed tampering with the ‘face’. A rock to the face and being torn to pieces by being spun in the centre of a vortex all seemed a bit far fetched but if this was a ‘disaster’ movie then that’s what you expect.

However, the final 45 mins seemed to switch to a much more realistic exploration of the martian surface. The logic behind the rest of the story (no spoilers!) seemed plausible but due to the initial over-the-top drama, it didn’t sit well.

In all, a moderate film but little is learned about Mars and it is strangely inconsistent.

PhD Work– 12/03/07



Right, the goals are as follows:

1) 2D simulation using only RANS, no IBM, no WF and no TI
2) Add in WF
3) Add in IBM
4) Add in 2D DES
5) 3D simulation using only RANS, no IBM, no WF and no TI
6) Add in WF
7) Add in IBM
8) Add in 3D DES
9) Add in TI

So, once I have done this, we have the bump set-up without any flow control. We are at stage 1 with 2 underway. 3 & 4 should not present any problems as they are already done. Likewise, 5 should be simple after 1-4 and 6-8 should have been sorted from 2-4. I will need to work on 9 in the background from JJs work (which should be debugged anytime now)

Therefore, at present, I need to get 2 working. This will probably be by using old results for the no WF simulation in order to make more stable. But I will try some other methods whilst I wait for 1 to finish running.

Running list:

rs01-02-01: As per objective 1 above
rs01-02-02: As per objective 2 above

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