September 15, 2011


maths joke here we go, it's a doozie......

Farmer sat in his farmhouse, looking out the window, slashing down with rain, wind flowing hard, the temperature is 3degrees out of the wind, it's dark and countdown has just started....

He knows that really he should go out and check the sheep are OK, but really doesn't want to (for obvious reasons)

so he knows Shep is a very clever sheepdog and can actually count (he is a truly amazing sheepdog) so he gets Shep to go out and count the sheep (he didn't really want to go either but hey, he is the farm hand!)

so shep comes back aftrer half an hour the the farmer asks how many sheep did he have, Shep replied 200 (told you he was clever - talks as well!)

the farmer is amazed and says "how has that happened, we only had 187 yesterday".

Shep replies " well i am a sheepdog, i rounded up"

please, no claims about sides splitting, you were warned

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