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February 06, 2008

Deamings Priciple

Follow-up to Prework learning from Anuj's blog

The most appealing Deaming's Priciple is that we should remove the variations before inspection.Most of the quality improvemnt measures concerntrate on maintaing quality,but this deamings priciple shows of improving quality.

February 04, 2008

Prework learning

Follow-up to PIUSS module from Anuj's blog

I found the case study of the 'Waveriders' quite different from what I expected.I always thougth that,Variations in manufacturing and services can be workable,but the the case study pointed out Variations in Marketing,which was very interesting.

I strongly believe that the solution to the problem/variation in real life would be very wierd.Just by giving training to the staff members about Customer Relation,would increase the companys sales by 71% seems to be unacceptable in a product selling industry.In hospitality industry may these figures would have been believable.Actually my mind did not accept this solution.It looke very unreal.

February 03, 2008

Organisational learning

Follow-up to PIUSS module from Anuj's blog

I personally feel that group learning is the most important for the sucess of the particular organisation.In PIUSS,through brain storming sessions for identifying the root causes and problems in the process of making Meccano planes this was further reinforced.

PIUSS module

The module of PIUSS, apart from teaching how to improve the process(business) using Six Sigma,made me realised the importance of perfection in life.Apart from the normal businesses,we can apply six sigma in our personal lives too.In our life too we can have an SPC chart of our daily activities and we can then improve upon our efficienies,by identifying the 'special' causes and constantly updating the process by removing 'common' causes.This module greatly helped in self-improvement,in sense of identifying the variations in my working culture,mood swings etc.It made me realise the variations and nosie factors in my daily work.

As a student it was very important for me to learn this and just strive for perfection.Was just wondering if I can a month in which I can work for a million seconds with a defect of just 3.4 secs.It would be amazing.Just thinking about applying this to the worker effieciency.The businesses,infact the world would become a great place.

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