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November 22, 2011

Follow Up 1 (P2–Masters)

Follow-up to P2 Becoming More Assertive from Anuj's blog

Follow Up 1:

Firstly, I tried using the non-verbal communication part (posture) in my daily life. After the workshop, I realised the importance of posture in communication. Thus, I tried using some of the tips given to us during the workshop while communicating with people. I tried to put myself in the other person's position and thought what I would make out of certain postures. I tried this technique with several friends and teachers. Initially, I was a bit reluctant and was not confident of what I am doing and would I be able to sustain this (I mean till how long can I do this keeping myself in the other person's position). But, after a few days, it seemed to come up on its own.

I started growing in confidence while communicating especially with the teachers. I have visited tutors and lecturers during thier office hours more often since I am more confident of interacting with them regarding issues. It is helping me to gain confidence. Not only through implementing such things myself, but also through observing others I learnt a few things. I saw how the lecturers get annoyed when certain people are talking in a certain way, or standing in a particular manner; also how they are pleased to answer questions of certain others. It made me learn things about a teacher - student relationship.

On the other hand, I am still trying to learn the art of saying "No" to friends when they make a certain plan and I am not willing to go. I tried doing this last week when everyone wanted to go for a movie but I had to study for my module. I tried making my point clear to them, but they got annoyed with me. I felt bad later on but it was good in a way because I at least told them what I want to do at the moment rather than just going with the flow. I still have to learn how to say a "No" in situations such that no one feels bad about it ( friends and even myself).

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