August 03, 2005

Badminton with the President

Yes it's true. I played badminton today, with the President….of Wind Orchestra. Whilst I consider myself to be an adequate player, I found myself playing to a good player today. Although Andy has only played twice in the past two years (last week, and today), he gave me quite a scare at points.
Suffice it to say, I won, but we are on unequal terms at the moment. Give it a few more weeks, and he'll be frightening me into losing!

Other than this, I went to see my beautiful girlfriend over the weekend, and we had a fantastic time in the Lyceum theatre watching the Lion King. It was fantastic. The staging, the lighting, the sound (apart from the young Simba microphone drop-out), the costumes and props were all AMAZING! The character Zazu was brilliant, and stole the show in my eyes. Our weekend was great. It was so nice to see her again, and have chance to catch up on my kissing and cuddling!

And it was only when I briefly looked at the programme, that I realised that one of my favourite choral/orchestral composers did the additional music – Hans Zimmer. Famous for the music from Gladiator.

I'm off to eat pasta now. Soon.


July 05, 2005

Post tour work

In a word… ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH! (not enough A's perhaps)

Germany has not been good for my post tour sanity. Upon my return to work, I have realised that taking a holiday is a bad idea – even though I was paid the whole time I was there (hahaha)... There was more ex-tree in my in-tray than was used to make the table I work on! I long for the care free days of Traben-Trabarch and the wine and beer of the hostel. My payroll has gone a bit screwy because of certain mishaps, but hey… these things happen. Instead I have caffeinated mornings and bacon batches in replacement of music and alcohol.

Whilst there are a few things I am glad to be back for (Lia), I would still love to be workless. I will definitely miss those people I was hanging around with, and also miss the gossip that spreads like wildfire through the Music Centre people!

It seems to be that Music Centre couples that start out on tour, last for a couple of years (if not longer)... so the new couples (you know who you are ;-)), good luck to you!

Keep in touch people!

July 03, 2005

Post–tour come–down Germany and Brussels

Well, what a tour. That's probably the most fun I've had crammed into one week…. well, almost.

I had a fantastic time touring Germany and Belgium with the Wind Orchestra and Brass Band. I must admit, the people I know from these societies are among the best friends I have ever had.

My tour highlights were abducting Barry the Squirrel, and giving him an adventure, with Colin, Joe and Naomi; getting wasted on 'free' wine, getting one of the kit parts right that I had not got right previously(!), and getting absolutely hammered on wine on the last night with Joe, Lu, Mark, Lesley, and Naomi.

I am sad too that I am unlikely to see a few people who I consider close friends, again, such as Racquel, Alicia, and Mark, amongst others. Thanks to everyone who still 'accept' me as part of the Music Centre, even though I am not a student anymore! Will I ever leave?? Great Job on a tour well done to the committee, and to the Ents organisers. Good luck to everyone who is not here next year, and I'll see most of you in September hopefully.


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