August 23, 2007

pursuit of happyness

During this duration of 1 year, while I did my masters at Warwick University, I realised that one really needs to chase happiness and may still not get it. The university life has been great and the university itself is quite nice, but once you step out of this border-dissolving boundary, you realise what it’s really like to be in a domain which does not encompass diverse backgrounds as beautifully as Warwick University does.

However, struggling and pushing my way through, being alomost stubborn and aggressive, I managed to get some things done..things that I had planned and thought of doing before I left for the UK.
I wish someone had jolted me out of my dreams of making it big here and told me that its not a land of opportunities per se.
The last thing on my agenda list was a lavish euro-trip..but I think I’ll save that for another year. For now, I think I will continue with the MS word document called DISSERTATION!

October 14, 2006

Gay or Girlfriend???

hey all,

here’s a question..but i need to give a preview before here goes..

2 of my friends have an enormous crush on this american they dont know whether this guy has a girlfriend or is gay.reason for the doubt is this that..the girls are quite decent n sexy but the guy does’nt pay any heed to them or any other girl for that one of my friends said..i think he has a girlfriend and the other friend of mine said ‘oh no,that’s hopeless,but if he’s gay then it’s better for us’.so the other one said ‘what???it’s better if he has a girlfriend than him being gay’
what do u think?

October 10, 2006

Hello,once again

Follow-up to Namaste world! from Anshu's blog

It’s wonderful to see the way in which these blogs at warwick work.usually i don’t do too much with my own blog entry but i love to read the entries written by the others.there are some which crack me up,like the one where someone was discussing the blue beans and then there are a few which make me smile,like the one with the free hugs.

October 05, 2006

Namaste world!

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