October 26, 2008

Sharing Information

Writing about Manager…... from Abhishek's blog

Sharing of information is a very delicate subject. One might argue that you don't need to leave a company to share that information with someone. I think it's bit about personality and loyalty; or your morality.

In Coke case it wouldn't make any difference to workers to know the formula, but there are lots of situations, like the one Francisco told in his blog, really would affect the efficiency of the employee; how can a consultant work without knowing about the company anyway.

So, choose your employees wisely ( I know its very hard)  and create the environment to make sure to get their loyalty.

Obsessing that your employees will give the important information away is bit like thinking people will punch you : ) they won't as long as you don't give them any reason; but there is always a chance that there are mentally instable people : P

ok it is a bit silly, but anyway, you got the idea...


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  1. Aykut there are just two people in this entire world who know the Coke Formula. They are not allowed to travel together in a plane. It will make A BIG difference to the Company if the formula is leaked…....

    Aykut how I wish it was a perfect world where everyone did the right thing. But unfortunately its not. There will be many people who will be in look out for shortcuts….even if it means running over someone else. There have been many cases I have read about in the papers (I am sure on the internet too you may find many such cases ) and have known personally some people who have been cheated. As Paul said in class….its important just to give out information thats relevant to the employees. Nothing more nothing less…...I think personally its a perfect Idea

    30 Oct 2008, 13:35

  2. Well Abhishek I meant the workers of the company not the company as a whole; for a worker who works on production line or a financial assistant or whatever, knowing the formula won’t help them improve their jobs, will it?

    31 Oct 2008, 10:38

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