October 26, 2008

Back in warwick blogs; and skydiving

I haven't been writing anything for more than a week now and I just realised that actually I have so many things to write about... and I will begin with my first parachute decent experience...

I don't know if I'll be able to explaine myself but; I'm afraid of height, or maybe I should say I'm afraid of the possibility of falling from a high place. Because there is big difference. I can look down from a plane if door is sealed shut : )

So how did I managed to jump from a plane? good question.

It was a weekend trip actually. we had a 6-7 hours of ground training on Saturday and I was feeling those butteries I was talking about, even though we were on the ground, safe.Because we finished a bit late we couldn't jump on Saturday.Some we build our tents. I must say I love camping and it's been a while since my last camp so I was pretty excited about it.

After hanging around a bit we went to a tesco and bought some snack for the night and for the big day, than went  a local pub.It was bit expensive; there is no way I'm going to pay that chicken 10 pounds again : )

After the pub we slept relatively early as we needed our full concentration for the next day.At first it wasn't that cold..but..ahh morning... it... was... cold. and when you add that distance from tents to the toilet..... well you got the picture : )

After warming up, as we were the first group to jump we started to concentrate and we had a short refreshment training. And the most interesting thing is: no butterflies,yes,  not even a single one. I was so ready I could feel the training in me, that whole malfunction drill, count to 4 after jump, check canopy, if there is a malfunction: look,locate,cut-away, pull reserve, arch. I was so relaxed that I was thinking that could be a dance routine for top banana : P 

I used to play online war games with my friend (mostly Battlefield) and I have lots of funny memories how we try to jump from plane to plane and so on, I felt like I was one of those games. The drop zone was like those drop zones in the games,especially the fact that there was a constant music. Yes, I was definitely in the mood.

I was so ready that when our instructor asked who wants to go with the first plane my hand was in the air. Than we started to wear our jumpsuits and equipments, again I felt like a soldier or like an astronaut :D I know it is silly, but I believe it was those feelings that made me so brave (referencing myself). 

Then they called us... we walked through the drop zone, people were looking at us (:P),than they made the last arrangements and we get into the plane. It was a dornier G92 by the way. And was the second one to jump so I was sitting on the floor.First guy wasn't from Warwick but he joined the training with us. when we reached 3500 feet it was the time. They opened the door and instructor grabbed the first guy and said "in the door"...than go... he was out....

It was my turn.He looked at me. I look at my friends and shouted "see you guys" he said "in the door" and I was in the door. I wasn't looking down. You should be looking to the Instructor at that moment. than he said "go"... I was... I didn't hesitated for a millisecond, actually I could jump as I should have but at that moment your training kicks in and only thing you think is your canopy. I felt the parachute opening so I counted to 4 than looked up. It was not open what I was thinking was. "open,open,open,open, yeeeeeeesssssssssss" :D

Yep I actually shouted  "yes". Thing is there are 3 options, first one is if everything is ok(like mine), or there can be nuisance; which means problems you can handle, or malfunctions, which you should decide very quickly and do the reserve drill.  But I was ok : )

I took control of my canopy and it was as it should be than I looked for the drop zone and I realised I was going away...to the motorway... so I turned quickly, I was just out of the drop zone and I staying in the same spot;Because wind was so strong. I think that was the worst part as I didn't have time to play with my canopy. I had to face drop zone, constantly. I was looking for a place to land and trying to figure out how could I go back to drop zone. Well, I was bit lucky when it was 500 feet or so to the ground wind slowed down. I managed to enter drop zone and got ready for landing.Well It wasn't a smooth one but I was in the drop zone and I was ok : )

Oh I felt good. I was singing while I took my parachute and started walking to the hangar. I was ready for the second one.

But 20 minutes later we heard that wind was too strong for us so they suspended the student jumps..So long story short we returned to the campus.

Well this was a long one. but hopefully I will look back to this entry for years

I want to do my second jump and I'm thinking about going on the 8th of november...

I should finish my PMA's before that. If I can't I might choose not to open my parachute : P

and last thing, about the dangers: Well, it is dangerous of course but most of the deaths or injuries are caused by stupid mistakes or not follwoing your training. For example if you do more than one 360 turn you will be accelerating too much or you should close your legs during landing. That guy who jumped first didn't close his legs so he broke his ankle. Simple, right : )

It seems like England is the best place to try skydiving as equipments are really good. And plus we have a very good and big skydiving club and they are all ok, right?

I youf search for most dangerous sports, injury rate in fishing or cheerleading is higher anyway ;)

Respect ;)


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  1. Very impressive experience. I was also a big fan of battlefield. And after watching the TV series “Band of brothers”, it made me much eager to try parachuting. But the problem is….if my parents know I spent the money on parachuting, I’ll be in jeopardy. So I decided to do it now. However, it should be something I should do in my life.

    Btw, I met my friend Harris from Greece today. He was going to buy the sleeping bag for the next jump on 8th Nov.

    26 Oct 2008, 18:55

  2. Yes.. and he invited Alan to join the jump too!! right alan?? Aykut!! way to go man… i would love to join ur jump if i cant finisih my PMAs in time too!! hehe.. seriously… i could never imagine myself jumpng of at such heights…. . thumbs up!

    27 Oct 2008, 02:15

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