December 08, 2004


I enjoyed Michael Moore's – Stupid White Men for about 5 pages, until I realised it was propaganda as bad as Bush's.
It depresses me not knowing the truth…and what is even worse is that I doubt I will ever come close to know what is really happening.

As well as that recently, with too much time on my hands I have been thinking about food (how completely unlike me(!)) and that also depresses me not knowing where any of my food comes from. Just watching how a cow was killed on TV upset me, and this is a cow kept in the very best conditions. And all chicken we buy is a genetically modified obese chicken fed on enhanced proteins and antibiotics. Don't like it.

Not many practical steps a stingy student can make apart from trying to cut down on the meat I eat, limit it to twice a week and try to buy out door reared organic stuff. The money I save by going to the greengrocers and cutting down on meat should make up the difference. It's crazy, food is so important to everyone but we sacrifice so much for the horrible price wars between ADSA and Tesco. Just thinking about what has happened to my food is enough to dampen my appetite anyway!


Don't even get me started on the two things that have ruined the entire world, supermarkets and alcohol! (Obviously ignoring the many times I have got hammered!)
If I carry on like this I will begin to find myself very irritating, sorry!

October 04, 2004

Lie Groups.

One more thing. You can look at peoples' blogs that do particular courses and modules. This is going to be a life saver.

Hello everyone doing Lie Groups!

The Sun I found on the bus

Wow this must be my 5th blog. I am just greedy.

For my first entry ever I thought I would write about an article I read this morning. After waiting 45 minutes for a bus (!) I found The Sun and I read an article that made me laugh so much I had to tear it out of the newspaper!

Incredibly biased. To give you an example:

The party that picked Britain up by the scruff of its neck under Margaret Thatcher is on its knees – just when the country needs a robust Opposition.
After taking on all comers to deliver the spectacular economic legacy which has buoyed Labour through seven years, they have spiralled into decline.
The Labour Party, despite its seven years of waste and extravagance, is feeling confident.
The Sun today sends this message to the Tory Party: Get well soon, Your Country Needs You.

Oh dear, thank god Micheal Howard is leader of the opposition. They will never get in, he's an idiot. Hes my local MP and I dread the day he ever comes into power.

Woah that was a very biased post of my own. Sorry about that!

Annie x

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