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January 08, 2014

DFSS critical to Business Excellence?

Today's group meeting and brain storming seesion went well and my team mates are great fellows. :)

So here's what I have discovered for myself,

From CBE and PIUSS I learnt that EFQM and Six sigma are both derivatives of Deming's work on statistics and quality management. DFSS is an approach that can be used to achieve business excellence. Using the EFQM model, the EFQM has 9 criterion and the product/services/processes, leadership,customer result, business result are related to the concept of DFSS. DFSS is customer and result(design) focused. Even though EFQM is broader than DFSS which is just applied at the design phase. It is okay to say that DFSS concept is relevant in the strive for business excellence.

January 07, 2014

Quality Function Deployment! (QFD)

QFD stands for Quality function Deployment. Just as the name implies, it focuses on deploying quality functions that meets or exceeds the customer's requirements.QFD is provides strong customer focus. It is a very imporatant tool that should be applied early in the product life cycle. The case is diferent in the real world. Producers are more in a hurry to send their products out to market especially when launch dates have been set.

I want to believe it is not a crime to push launch dates forward. Is it not better for the production to be to be delayed and at the end of the day a good and near perfect product is delivered than for it to be rushed out just so it can meet the deadline. Well I understand they want to appear competent to the customers and their competitors but still this should not completely influence their decision to do such.

Today in class most the opinion about why companies do not used QFD was centered around "time consumption"; yes it certainly going to be time consuming to apply QFD in the design phase and equally expensive but I want to believe it is better to spend all the money and efforts on the design of product so that it comes out sound and everybody is happy. It just like planning. We can all agree that the importance of planning cannot be over emphasized.

Let me bring it home a little. It is usually easier to produce a good essay after some planning has been done. From my little tiny bit of personal experience about PMAs. (hahaha)

It is way tougher to start if I didnt put down a plan which most time is in form of a mindmap. This sort of gives me a focus and guide to work with. A good plan begets a good work and vice versa. And I believe this same principles apply to the real world in product design.

For the PMAs the voice of the customer is the PMA question: the requirements of the question.

There is a common saying; if you do not plan, you plan to fail. QFD is could help industries save alot of money by making sure that the customer's requirements are met through the best method of prioritising and maximazing efforts and resources available and at the same time striving to achieving competitive edge.

QFD is very critical for production and manufacturing industries be it services or products and most not be overlooked.

Its drills down to the nitty gritty of things. It even displays a little bit of opportunity cost and scale of preference. Where you can organise the function that is most important ( higher in priority) and would not impede other functions. So it helps create a balance that the human eyes and brain would not have been able to create just imagining.

January 06, 2014

Design for Six Sigma

Loved it today in class and I would say quite an interesting way to start the year. Happy new year readers....

It was the first day of PEUSS -product excellence using six sigma and I was thrilled by the idea of DFSS- Design For Six Sigma. DFSS is an improved version of classic six sigma. Classic six sigma is all about improving the already existing processes, products and services while DFSS is proactive; doing it right at the first time. It came about from the limitations of classic six sigma which uses the DMAIC as its methodology and DFSS uses DMADV. DFSS listens to the voice of the customer and prioritises critical to quality issues while making sure that the funictions are key.

So in essence, DFSS is more future and long-term focused because if the products are improved in terms of design there'll be no need to spend money during the process to improve the product.

Case study

There is a case where Toyota was said to have called back about 885,000 vehicles in 2013 to fix a problem that could result in a water leak from the air conditioning unit. This definately must have had impact on their

revenue for that year. At this stage what can be done is product improvement. identifying and fixing problems whereas with DFSS the design is critically looked at and verified before production and launching and so it can be said that with DFSS there is no need to worry about the cost of making a design change when the product is already in the market and so financial benefits is long term.

DMAIC- Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control

DMADV- Define, Measure, Analyse, Design and Verfy

From the full meaning of the methodologies, it is clear that one is more interested in improvingwhile the other in designing.

December 22, 2013

Six Sigma–Hard Skills and Soft skills can go hand in hand

...Right from my sick bed I kept dreaming about my PIUSS blogging. Oh I thank God for healing me,

thanks to my loving and caring friends and thanks to the Doctors at the clinic. I feel better now..!

At some point I wished my computer could read my mind and write something down but anyways its only a computer.

I can say it has been quite a journey since I started writing my PMA and I am glad I started early.

While on this PMA I was able to really get to understand the present practice of six sigma with regards to OL;

The practice of Six sigma shows the display of hard skills much more than the soft skills if any. unlike in OL wherethere is a combination of both and moresoft skills, where people are more free, liberated, not monitored, caged, or obliged to do something but they are encouraged and motivated. The rules are strict in six sigma, you need to follow processes, step by step,and yes, another thing it is also soo target and resource oriented. so because of this the moment is has achieved its target, it is satisfied does not find the need to continue improving but this is where the control tool comes in to play. So basically six sigma projects are known to move from stage A(unimproved stage) to Stage B the improved stage.

unlike OL which is a process an organisation goes through collectively not necessarily with intentions of getting finacial returns, or targeted stage whereas in Six sigma process improvements are carried out for profitability sakes too. In OL, people are cared for, given attention, Emotional Intelligence is a factor is OL.

There is no record of reflective activities within team in six sigma projects which is the core of team learning,even though team members are expected to build and define the scope of the project, this does not say whether there is a moment for reflection or not but you find it that in six sigma people are always busy improving one project or the other.

I also find it that six sigma tends to display more of Senge's components than Pedler et al's

okay for e.g in Shared vision: the vision and the purpose of the process to be improved is shared for all to understand at least at the define stage

personal mastery: the expressions of champions and black belts

Team learning: well I did not see so much of this but at least teams are built for projects

system thinking: more of this should be practiced by six sigma because I still believe not just the expertsand the leaders should decide what projects to be improved upon, other members should be involved because like Pedler et al(2001) when others are given the opportunity to participate, the outcome eventhough might take a while maybe because more people are involved so the process is longer, but the result will be robust and the people will be more willing to work because committment and morale will be high. since the management has made them feel important in the decision making process by also listening to them .

Finally, I would say that the Hard skills of Six sigma and the soft skills of OL can work hand in hard to create an organisation that is rich in learning.

November 20, 2013

My sincere opinion about PIUSS

This course is one of the exciting courses that made me choose MBE. but now I am afraid I might not be able grasp every thing within 2weeks. Yes. I know we will be given PMAs but I still feel its not enough to build the required knowledge base. I just wish we had to span accross 4 weeks and at a slower pace. Well, its only a wish...hmm if wishes were horses..........

I just think there is so much important stuffs to learn and must times more time is needed to actually process what I have learnt. I find myself coming to the blog to see if there's any new / useful idea I can learn from a colleague's page. I search for youtube videos on six sigma because I want to get to that level where I wont be lost so often and have to be found in class, besides the sleep knocking on my eye lids at intervals, I just literally spend time trying to figure the previous step and this ends up leaving me just a step behind for some mins and then I try to catch again. Hmmmm, hope I dont wear out trying to catch up.

I have been spending time trying to figure out how to lift this burden - a good solution...I need practical and useful help!

Hope to come up with some help soon...

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