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December 22, 2013

Six Sigma–Hard Skills and Soft skills can go hand in hand

...Right from my sick bed I kept dreaming about my PIUSS blogging. Oh I thank God for healing me,

thanks to my loving and caring friends and thanks to the Doctors at the clinic. I feel better now..!

At some point I wished my computer could read my mind and write something down but anyways its only a computer.

I can say it has been quite a journey since I started writing my PMA and I am glad I started early.

While on this PMA I was able to really get to understand the present practice of six sigma with regards to OL;

The practice of Six sigma shows the display of hard skills much more than the soft skills if any. unlike in OL wherethere is a combination of both and moresoft skills, where people are more free, liberated, not monitored, caged, or obliged to do something but they are encouraged and motivated. The rules are strict in six sigma, you need to follow processes, step by step,and yes, another thing it is also soo target and resource oriented. so because of this the moment is has achieved its target, it is satisfied does not find the need to continue improving but this is where the control tool comes in to play. So basically six sigma projects are known to move from stage A(unimproved stage) to Stage B the improved stage.

unlike OL which is a process an organisation goes through collectively not necessarily with intentions of getting finacial returns, or targeted stage whereas in Six sigma process improvements are carried out for profitability sakes too. In OL, people are cared for, given attention, Emotional Intelligence is a factor is OL.

There is no record of reflective activities within team in six sigma projects which is the core of team learning,even though team members are expected to build and define the scope of the project, this does not say whether there is a moment for reflection or not but you find it that in six sigma people are always busy improving one project or the other.

I also find it that six sigma tends to display more of Senge's components than Pedler et al's

okay for e.g in Shared vision: the vision and the purpose of the process to be improved is shared for all to understand at least at the define stage

personal mastery: the expressions of champions and black belts

Team learning: well I did not see so much of this but at least teams are built for projects

system thinking: more of this should be practiced by six sigma because I still believe not just the expertsand the leaders should decide what projects to be improved upon, other members should be involved because like Pedler et al(2001) when others are given the opportunity to participate, the outcome eventhough might take a while maybe because more people are involved so the process is longer, but the result will be robust and the people will be more willing to work because committment and morale will be high. since the management has made them feel important in the decision making process by also listening to them .

Finally, I would say that the Hard skills of Six sigma and the soft skills of OL can work hand in hard to create an organisation that is rich in learning.

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