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November 20, 2013

My sincere opinion about PIUSS

This course is one of the exciting courses that made me choose MBE. but now I am afraid I might not be able grasp every thing within 2weeks. Yes. I know we will be given PMAs but I still feel its not enough to build the required knowledge base. I just wish we had to span accross 4 weeks and at a slower pace. Well, its only a wish...hmm if wishes were horses..........

I just think there is so much important stuffs to learn and must times more time is needed to actually process what I have learnt. I find myself coming to the blog to see if there's any new / useful idea I can learn from a colleague's page. I search for youtube videos on six sigma because I want to get to that level where I wont be lost so often and have to be found in class, besides the sleep knocking on my eye lids at intervals, I just literally spend time trying to figure the previous step and this ends up leaving me just a step behind for some mins and then I try to catch again. Hmmmm, hope I dont wear out trying to catch up.

I have been spending time trying to figure out how to lift this burden - a good solution...I need practical and useful help!

Hope to come up with some help soon...

People's initial resistance /readiness to change –PIUSS

Often times people do not spend time to study and plan for change before they embark on it. There is this common teaching that if you want to form a new habit or break from an old one , you need to carefully plan how to replace with a new one if not the old habit will just linger round until successfully occupies it space again but if you fill up that space with some another habit/activity, its easier to remind yourself when it the old one come around

In essence, to bring about change. you need to strategise! Its even more tasking when it involves people and processes.

The same we do not change until we reach the level of unsatisfaction with the status quo so those other people. Jan Gillet yesterday in the class helped to identify that people need to be dissatisfied with where they are for them to want to change. They need to come to a point where they are like...I have had enough! Can't continue like this -I need a change in weather!

Yea..people need to reach that point before they can see the NEED to embrace change. But sadly most people in the system when they get to that point instead of them wanting to assist to change the system, they begin to surf the internet looking for openings in other to send their CVs. Why?

I think its leadership.....probably they think "my opinion doesn't count"

Role of the leader.

Making the future attractive and worth-it is something that the leaders must try to do in other to catch the attention and commitment of the employees. Just like when we are planning an interesting trips, we get so excited aboiut it even before we embark on it.

To further strengthen my first sentence, during the production of aeroplane in the groups, my group went straight ahead into changing and improving the system without first studying and planning. apparently, we were so eager to improve/try out our new ideas without formal planning, this means we didnt pay much attention to the customer requirements and well, the cream cakes promised my Graeme also served as the extrinisic which made us sooo short term focused on the goal.

Even though we did improve the process, we were coupling the aeroplane parts are sending out to warehouse before the requred time, this could have led to having alot of aeroplanes stored up in the warehouse waiting to be delivered and costing us storage space because we are not expected to deliver the customer before the time they requested. We could have had more stable process if only we considered this initially.

Unlike today, the new group of 4s (mini group) we were grouped into, we spent like most of the time planning and strategising on how to go about with the task that was given to us. While we did this, we felt like we were lagging behind the schedule because everyone around was already flying their paper flights. But it paid off because by the time we were done and packing up to go back, the other groups were just starting sort of. I guess they realized they missed a step.

It is very important to view change/transformation as journey and not just task that should be completed. The same way plan (book a flight, buy tickets, book hotel, picture ourselves having fun if its a holiday )that interesting journey, tour etc we should also plan change that way. Six sigma is not an exception.

November 16, 2013

6σ's Ambition

6σ is not a tool and more than just the figure 6 and the greek symbol; σ. It is an achievement, a goal....

It appears to be more robust than thought with different range of tools for solving different problems. I can say that 6σ is the mind behind the various tools developed to achieve business excellence in the aspect of quality improvements. Its ambition is to keep improving the system until there is nothing to improve anymore. It solve problems strategically and systematically,with the consideration of the impact on the organisation and customers' need.

Having gone through most of the training module on the PMI online learning, I have understood that 6σ cannot be achieved without the people. There would only be more chaos in the system if the team members do not understand their roles and or unwilling to perform their responsiblities within the team because every team members' constructive input is important and can lead to a huge success in the over all project.

This could be said that generally for any oragnisation to achieve business excellence, process improvement, learning, a good measurements of result, they need genuine committments from the staff. But I can't argue any less by the way because really the people are the ones who make up the organisations at the end of the day. Yes there are machines, but who operate them? This is obviously where Deming can help!

November 07, 2013

The Organisation that learns = LO

I have been so drawn by my PMA, My aim is to master the PMA answering skills because PMAs have come to stay! so I am thinking that if I master the tricks I will be better and faster as time goes on and because really I need to squeeze enough time for the BIG P.-Project. hmmmm.

So about the CBE PMA, I particularly like question 3; with the blend of LO, Deming's System of Profound Knowledge and EFQM. What a way to make me understand these interesting topics the more!.

Firstly, I would like to say that I often find people keep mixing up LO and OL. in short line of sentence I will differentiate these two terms.

OL is the learning (knowledge transfer,reflecting on past experience locally in organisation and learning from it, etc )that occurs within an organization.

while a LO is first of all a place...or an organisation that practices learning so it can be said LO practices OL. As the word Learning describes Organisation so does the word smiling describes Anne.

So who is Anne? answer: The writer

What is Organisation? answer: A place

What is the function of the word "smiling" in the phrase? answer: It is used to describe what Anne is doing

in the same way the word "Learning" is used to describe what the the Organisation is doing.

To successfully initiate OL the initiator must be have personal mastery. Understanding of purpose and true passionate and drive for change, because if these three things are abcent there is a chance that he or she might get discouraged as its a journey that involves people and people are unique and can sometimes be hard work with especially if they are not sharing the same values as you and we must also understand that different people will always be different so Patience is a key attribute for this process. It is also important to build a team to help drive the vision. We must listen but not compromise (Deming, 1993)

I will sign out here to continue with my PMA.....500 words to go! Can't wait to exhale really, just before PIUSS comes knocking.......


Deming, W. E. 1993. The New Economics For Industry, Government & Education. Cambridge: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Advanced Engineering Study.

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