October 31, 2013

MIND MAPPING –used to solve the puzzles in PMAs and other plannings

Hello World,

Today, I was so thrilled by the idea behind mindmapping. It is such an awesome tool! I mean what was I thinking when I missed the first workshops?

The workshop was done by Paul himself, our Senior Tutor. He said alot of helpful things. I will just quickly point out one in this entry, which is:

  • There's something called unconcious mind and its like a 5year old who can wake you up in the middle of the night just to tell something he find intriguing! hahaha. So the "unconcious mind" is like a part of you that somehow never really goes to bed because it has the capacity to think even while you are asleep..He added that it thinks about everything we are not thinking about conciously. And

And so if you wake up in the middle of the night with an idea, that is the acts of your unconcious mind and sometimes it refuses to sleep until you address it...its safer to quickly write it downimmediatley to aviod the idea from fading away or losing it meaning by morning, in that case sleeping with a book and pen by the side of your bed is not a bad idea to allow you do it without having to walk around searching for a writing pad and pen grumpily.

Incase you are reading this and wondering what mind map or Mind mapping is. Mind mapping is a tool that helps enhance individual's or organisation's efficiency, productivity and creativity. (Menton, A. et al 1999), as it captures thoughts in a visual manner making it easier for addressing.infact it is an advanced note making technique.

How it helps(in my own understanding)

It helps you paint and see a picture of what you want to do

It helps you document your thoughts with visuals

It helps you do deep reflections

It breaks the work/task/planning down making it easier to do

It engages both sides of your brain (left and right)

Once you can mindmap a task, you should be able to perform it.

oh how I love this mindmapping thing!. And its funny how I didnt realize that I had heard of it a long time ago while in secondary school -maybe because it was then called "TREE DIAGRAM".hehehe.And its not just recommended for individuals but also for organisations and leaders in organisations. to help them perform creatively and effectively.

I will definately use this tool more often than just for PMAs and dissertation, Its will serve as my second pair of brain....can't afford to carry everything in my brain any more when I can store them in my mindmap! hehehe. Atleast now my 5year old unconcious mind can sleep!

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