October 07, 2013

Creating Business Excellence 1

Dr. Deming believes that organisations do not need competition but cooperation. His principle is one that supports an organisation as being a whole system responsible for quality management. One of his key message from the video we watched today in class was to eliminate waste and incentives given to individuals at workplaces as a reward for better input.

The importance of Deming's principle I believe is to help every single one in the organisation to grow and really an organisation cannot grow if the people are not growing and this cuts accross all the levels in the organisation. The Senior Tutor Paul Roberts who taught the course, with series of relevant illustrations made me understand that the "Aim is to create safe working environment" for the employees

Most companies and organisations which I have heard of practice this e.g Ford as the Executive Director mentioned in the video. Employees especially in the sales and marketing departments are given some sort of targets sometimes its so huge that it seems really humanly impossible to achieve those in the time frame set. Having had some friends who have been in this shoes make me realize how stressful the task is and inconsiderate the managements can be. There is usually a reward set for the employees who would meet these target in time. And this can even result in creating sales demands to exceed supply.

Now personally I think yes the incentives (always monetary) are good and they are made to push one. But I use to ask what if they are being made in form in training? yes it might sound funny but I think knowledge has power. For instance a sale representative meets his/her targets and then he or she is sponsored on a trip abroad for training on an international Sales course and this knowledge when applied will boast the companies sales.

I will say that I agree with Dr. Deming on his view on recognition and reward, as in the past this has driven employees to begin to work under so much pressure thereby not able to be freely creative.

As a future manager I will like to encourage my team members to grow both individually and most importantly as team because no man knows it all and can do it all. Once competition sets in, information begins to be hoarded. If I head a Sales Departments in a company, I would make sure no one handles more than three (3) clients at a given time, especially when they are new clients (still the decision process) because one person might not have the ample time to respond very well to all the clients unique requirements, meeting schedules, etc and I think this is to enable information sharing and allow other sales reps to support when necessary. I will closely monitor these.

It helps build a good support system at the end of the day. Yes...We are a Team, aren't we?

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  1. Knowledge is indeed powerful. I can’t see though how real knowledge can be applied when a sales manager has to meet his/her targets. I strongly believe that a personal target, based on monetary incentives will force the individual to work for him/herself. . . In this case creativity and true knowledge fall apart because there could only be an optimization of the individual and a sub-optimization of the system . . . . . .

    The optimization of all the individuals, or parts of a system, doesn’t necessarily mean optimization of the system

    07 Oct 2013, 22:29

  2. Anne Ayang

    In the context of sales, yes no doubt the sales manager has to meet his target but has him/her found better or improved ways of meeting these targets? Now here is where you find the knowledge and apply! As a sales manager for example i must ask these questions quarter…i believe. I would say that there are definately better ways of selling a product or a service and so acquiring these knowledge and sharing within the sales department will help increase a company’s sales. I have heard this saying several times that there are better ways of doing something which means continous assesstment and continous improvement. I came accross a book called psychology of selling by Brian Tracy which I think is a good book to read on selling.

    Monetary incentive is offcos the conventional way we all know but having thought of the whole Deming principle I think I would like to build a system where I can comfortably hardover to someone whom I belive can manage well when I grow so old that I cant wor

    I think I would like to encourage self-motivation rather than incentives. Building a long lasting working and achievement culture within my team and the system at large well. Because the incentive world really makes people do anything for money rather than developing true values.

    dont get me wrong, I will definately do something about the individuals who are not performing as expected maybe by reasigning them to another department based on their capabilities because really you will never how much they have inside of them to contribute if placed in the right place until you try. and this will even help the company recruit better.

    Finally, hmm I dont quite agree with your last statement because if individuals truely make up a system and a system in the context I refer to is an organisation then if these individuals which are the employees are optimized then its just a matter of time the organisation as a whole is optimised.

    08 Oct 2013, 14:45

  3. Interesting . . . Think of an orchestra. . . When will the sound be better, when all of the organs are synchronized or when each of them individually has the best sound. Sometimes the drums have to compromise in order for the other organs to sound well. . . . .

    I strongly believe that 1 + 1 is not equal to 2. . . It can be 1.5 if there is competition among the parts or 2.5 if there is cooperation. What i am trying to say is that a system consists of individuals and their relations. . . .;)

    In the same sense indivudal targets for a sales manager might not work as some of the management and marketing gurus suggest out there. . .

    08 Oct 2013, 14:53

  4. Anne Ayang

    Nice, I like the ”...2.5 if there is cooperation…” at least its higher than 1.5.

    So if the indivudal targets for a sales manager might not work as some of the management and marketing gurus suggest out there then the sales manager can discover what works. . . we learn everyday and in the process of learning we discover self.

    08 Oct 2013, 21:08

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