February 14, 2014

Coaching beyond the pitch.

"Some people are just natural Coaches" yes, I agree with Graeme. But can everybody be a coach? well I believe sometime in life we are placed in a situation that warrants us playing the part of Coaches to some degree but we might not be concious of it. I don't mean football coaches, like sometimes when our friends ask for our advice on something we are not familiar with we are not quick to profer solution, we are slow and then try to push it back to them subtlely to see if there is a part of them that has the solution lying in. I thought of the stuffs Graeme taught us about Coaching; the do's and don't's; are huge task because naturally we want to help the other fellow and so we are quick to suggest solutions that help alleviate the issue maybe by using our experiences or that of the people around us. But this method was said to be inefficient because it will only make the person dependent. So its about helping someone find a way out of a dark maze by lighting the bulb in the maze. Or guiding the thoughts of someone to help him/her find answers/solution to the undelying challenges. So those are the thoughts I came up with after the coaching excericse. And Roma was my Coach I thought she did a good job.

So again I was wondering what the connection with coaching and leadership was? I remember Helen adding that a Coach should be a able to create a comfortable environment for the Coachee so that the Coachee will be comfortable to share. I think its same with Leaders. Ability to create a comforable working environment so that followers will be productive.

In all I will say somehow it's about Personal mastery and Autonomy!

Thanks to Miriam for initiating the day off and Thanks to Paul for accepting our request.

.....Happy valentine's day!......

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  1. Hi, Anne, Happy Valentine’s Day.
    An interesting topic, just wanna share my perspective to you. For me, I believe that the difference between “leadership” and “coaching” is the definition of “value”. As Paul expressed in the course, leaders should create the value for members, group, and organization. And about the coaching, I believe it is a way to share and teach this value. How do you think?

    14 Feb 2014, 17:41

  2. Anne Ayang

    Hello Yen-his Lee, Thanks for your comment.
    I mean your perspective is equally interesting.
    And I was wondering if you could help me see what you mean by coaching teaches value? because Graeme said, coaching does not involve training or teaching. I don’t know though but that’s what I think I heard. what do you think?

    14 Feb 2014, 20:09

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