February 10, 2014

Beyond Leadership Excellence

Today was quite interesting for me, especially with the fact that I had to work with completely new faces in sense and new characters except for Connie who was also moved from our group to group 1 on the new module; Leadership Excellence. Initially I thought of requesting a change, not because I am going to be engaged during the module week but because I just didnt like it in group 1 and my fiends and group mate didnt help it. They kept mentioning how they would miss me and how they were hoping I would be part of their sub group and all these made even want to change back the more. But speaking with Paul and another friend (Sandra) in the class, they both said the same thing "Its gonna be a whole new experience and I mean that's really what learning is about" Sandra added, Leave your comfort zone and see how you would respond out of it. And hmmm,really I must confess I initally thought about all those but I was not just ready to succumb to my thoughts.

So I did finally remain in group 1 subgroup A4, I remember my subgroup leader Miriam telling me, 'Anne don't worry you'll be fine' Okay then I smiled. Now here's the start of my journey....and I will define it as Beyond Leadership Excellence.

I want to say beyond what Paul is going to open our eye to sees during this 100hours on the module, I have embraced the switch from group 2 to group 1 for me as an added platform to learn.

So down to today excercise on Lifeboat. Hmm Paul gave us cards with 6 people's skills, experiences, qualifications, potentials and characters and then asked us to choose two people out of the 6 we would want on the boat to be the leader and the deputy if our boat were to experience some differenties onshore. We were done quite fast as a group and we came up with Roger and Anna respectively. Because we believed Roger had the leadership capabilities coupled with his qualifications and technical skills of navigation, his calmness, ability to listen and ability to be alert in the emergency situations were defintely added advantages. Anna on the other hand who was supportive and wasnt ready to take a direct leadership position but had a couple of leadership skills we believed was okay to be the deputy. Her sailing skills and Medical qualification was offcourse a plus in such a situation.

Well so after all these I thought Paul would give the class the right combination of leaders but he didnt but he did explain that we had different combination accross the room because we all saw leadership differently. which was true.

This explains why some countries do well because of their leaders and some don't because people have different definitions of leadership. Also explains why some industries florish and some don't, partially explains why some marriages hit the rock after a few years and some don't etc.

These among other reasons explains why this course and today's excercise is important to me.

One thing I look forward to achieving personally on this module is being able to identify what LEADER resides in me.

Direct or indirect Leader? ....hmm, Let me guess...Indirect! Well that's just a guess cos I believe being calm and still able to steer a team is a powerful attribute. You don't need to be forceful and well even though you should be heard but you should be able to build trust in team mate s which make them follow willfully/willingly. Well like I said its only a guess. I will dig further into this.

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  1. Miriam Auer

    Welcome in Group one Anne, I am personally really happy to work with you, especially as this course Leaderchip & Excellence is about working together with different and new people from all over the world. As I want to work as a Consultant after my degree, this is probably the best opportunity and environment to learn in. So this is not only a good experience for you, but also for us, who will get to know you better and work with not so familiar human beings. I am glad, that you decided to stay in Group 1, and I hope, that in the end we can create good memories and fantastic learning outcomes – and you know what – I have a really good feeling we will ;)

    10 Feb 2014, 21:08

  2. Kleanthis Katsikas

    Hey Ann, I think you are an indirect leader and a leader with a passion speech. You can’t hide your leadership skills and it is perfect for us, I remember you in the CBE module. You will have a lot of leader fun in your recent group. For the exercise we chose Roger as leader but Lyn as deputy leader. As Paul told us it is interesting to have a variety of answers in our choices because we have different approaches in the situations. But it’s is true I was between Lyn and Anna.
    Have fun with your group-mates!

    10 Feb 2014, 23:54

  3. Anne Ayang

    Thank you Miriam, I look forward to this ‘cos really that’s what MBE learning environment tries to incorporate in a way; the “spice of fun” in the “learning meal”. And yeah all best in your future Consulting career!

    11 Feb 2014, 00:48

  4. Anne Ayang

    Kleanthiiiiiiiiiis :D Hahahaha @ the passion speech. Thank you. So talking about your combination Roger and Lyn, I think Roger in my opinion could work with anyone. He is of course the Training Manager and so should be able to train anyone but it is left to the person -if the person is trainable or not. Having Roger as the Leader in my opinion was a good choice. A leader should be able to train and groom leaders incase he is not available.

    For Lyn and Anna combination, hmmm I am not too sure, even though Lyn was the cheerful, with knowledge of different languages and also the company director but in the context of the distressed Lifeboat the least person I would have wanted on the boat at that time would have been Lyn. But Like Paul said, and is true we are all different so our choices will vary and this could be as result of various reasons like; background, experiences etc.

    I sure will have fun. You too have fuuuuuun.

    11 Feb 2014, 01:03

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