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October 27, 2013

CBE classes comes to an end….will miss you!

Follow-up to Learning beyond the course notes from Anne's blog

Among other things, I am eager to state some things I left with as CBE classes come to an end.

  1. COOPERATIONand competition
  2. Before you plan presenting, know your audience so you can identify core areas to focus on in your presentation to enable you cover important ares that will grab the attention of the listeners
  3. In looking or applying for jobs you shoukd realize that you also should be auditing the company as they are auditing you by researching to get information about them and thier practices this will help you making ip your mind as to whether you can contribute there or not
  4. TIME AUDIT will help you audit your time and let you know or identify how long you spend on tasks.
  5. PMA writting is an opportunity not threat: (yet to find out.....)
  6. An organisation can only be said to a learning organisation after when it has applied Organisational Learning. (OL)
  7. Meetings are not set to work but to make decisions
  8. Deming says replace supervision with Leadership
  9. People's potentials can be developed
  10. The journey of MBE is a continous pursuit of Excellence
  11. Training a potential leader is a good practice
  12. Shareholder is King Customer is god
  13. We can not manage time but we can learn to manage ourselves around time
  14. We must continually think "system"
  15. There is no such this as failureonly feedback: (hmm interesting!)

Learning beyond the course notes

From plain presentation slides to presentation slides with pictures and illustrations.

Last week we had series of presentations from all 3 sub groups in group B. Its was a wonderful time. Even though frankly I was so much in a panick state most of the times I was to present because presenting is definately not one of my strong points. But gladly I made it! we all made it!!

Like Paul said " learn to speak by speaking..." I wish to grow and develop this skill as time goes on.

All the feedbacks we got from Paul and Graeme were very helpful as it helped me to see things in a different light. For example after I did my presentation on Tuesday on the topic ISO 9000 vs EFQM, I thought my eye contact with the audience was okay but Paul suggested it would be better if consistent eye contact are made the listeners and less reading from the slides.

And just in the few days I observed that even though our group's first presentation slides were so plain and not colorful like others, we were unconciously developing our visual skills that our last presentation is AWESOME! I thought and so did everyone else.

There was an obvious difference between our first presentation slides and our last. Apart from that, I particularly learnt and saw things in the eyes of 12 other Group B members (excluding my group members) while they were presenting on each of the topics. This is important because sometimes when you have only one person doing the teaching, talking, explaining etc. it might get boring and easy to loss track. But it difinately sticks better when different people say the same things in maybe slightly different ways with Tutor there to draw attention to areas wrongly represented.

Learning was fun for me....even though we had to work extra for longer hours just make sure we understood first hand what we were ask to present on.

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