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October 08, 2013

Win–Win Mindset Vineet Nayar cont'd

Follow-up to Discussion on the MBE learning environment. Employees first Customers Second from Anne's blog

So basically I think in my own understanding of what Vineet principles of employees first and customers second is in "Enabling the Enablers" in my term. so like he said if employees are challenged to create solutions to the company's problems then the company will a bunch solution providers(in my own words). I cannot help but agree totally to this. And well its not so far from what we discussed yesterday in class about creating a safe environment for employees to work and there by bring better results.

Using the EFQM model, the enablers come before the results so he encourages, motivates, improves the Enablers and this makes the Enables produce better and improved results and these cycle goes on and on. I seeee.

Enablers = Employess

Results = Customers

So he is indirectly using the EFQM model diagram concept..... I think.

So the employees win by being enabled, motivated and encouraged and then also the customer wins!

Discussion on the MBE learning environment. Employees first Customers Second

The highlight of today for me during the class discussion on MBE learning environment is the "win-win" mindset. This year Paul said he wants us in the MBE to challenge everything. we must think system -this breaks down competition he also added that we are agents of change, Leaders who seek positive changes.

And the BBC radio clip on CEO HCL Technologies Vineet Nayar which was played for us from the moodle site is one that i find very interesting. He believes in placing the needs of the employees first before the customers. I find this strange because I am used to the customer first believe.

Really I am still trying to reserve my thinking pattern in this context pardon me if this takes while... sigh*

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