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August 06, 2012

Warwick Skills Portfolio (WSPA) Explained


This blog post explains what the WSPA is, to give some background to the WSPA blog posts which make up the majority of the posts on my blog so far. Please note that this post is not my final WSPA entry, which can be found using the link below:

Final WSPA Blog Entry (Sorry, my final update is coming very soon...)

What I Did:

A Virtual 'Contents' Page:

Overall I completed six workshops for the WSPA. These were, in order of completion from first to last:

  • P1: An Introduction to Skills Development

[First Blog] [Follow Up Blog] [Final Blog]

  • A7: Speedy Reading

[First Blog] [Follow Up Blog] [Final Blog]

  • A4: Effective Learning Strategies

[First Blog] [Follow Up Blog] [Final Blog]

  • P4: Delivering Effective Presentations

[First Blog] [Follow Up Blog] [Final Blog]

  • A1: Reading and Note-Making

[First Blog] [Follow Up Blog 1] [Follow Up Blog 2] [Final Blog]

  • P3: Working in a Team

[First Blog] [Follow Up Blog 1] [Follow Up Blog 2] [Final Blog]

The Award:

Each workshop required three or four blog posts to be written, reflecting upon what I had learnt and my progress towards developing my relevant skils.

Useful Resources:

Below is a list of resources related to the WSPA, which provide more information about the award and its workshops.

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