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June 08, 2005

Liver: The Student's Friend

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I wish to write about something close to all our hearts…

I have just finished a delightful meal which was filling, tasty, extremely nutritious, very cheap and easy to cook, yet I'd bet that hardly any of the students here eat it regularly, and there's probably a significant proportion who've never had it.

Liver. It's wonderful. I urge you all to try it.

I had a few slices of lamb's liver, fried with onions and bacon, and supplemented with a dash of red wine. It was gorgeous, and more people should eat it.

Why? Well, it's yummy, for a start. Some people might find it an acquired taste, but I believe it's worth persevering. It's full of vitamins (specifically A and some Bs) and it's a great source of iron. It's extremely cheap. Lamb's liver from Tesco is £2.29/kg, whereas the bog-standard bacon I had with it was £5.92/kg. Liver's cheaper than standard sausages, too. It's terribly simple to cook – all I did was chop it and fry it, and Bob's your uncle.

So, impoverished students looking for cheap food – forget your value products and beans and spaghetti hoops – eat liver!

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June 06, 2005

The next Andrew Marr

Writing about web page

I often have a trawl through the BBC Jobs pages (is there a door ajar I can get my foot in?), and having a quick look today, I came across this job. We all know Andrew Marr was moving on, but it still seems a little bizarre to read the job specification for Political Editor of the BBC.

Anyone fancy a speculative aplication?!

June 01, 2005

Exclusive waterside flats

Ah, so now the dangers of living next to a pond become apparent. Whilst the 2-tier lake at Heronbank/Lakeside can be attractive – a) at night b) if you like brown – and provides a habitat for a variety of water foul, it is not only these aforementioned birds that are producing offspring at the moment.

Last night, my kitchen and room became infested with a multitude of wing-Úd beasts. Presumably they don't carry any form of tropical malady, but to be on the safe side (And because they irrate me no end), Caroline and I (Along with our Wind Orchestra guests last night) set to with a rolled up Torygraph – quite possibly the best thing for it.

Now, their bluey-green bodies are smeared across my walls and ceilings – some looking quite spectacular, others looking like scientific specimens, with their legs all neatly arranged for inspection.

Perhaps buying some Raid would be easier…

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