November 13, 2004

The West Wing

I forgot to mention that I am greatly annoyed by the 6th series of The West Wing.

There may be spoilers ahead….

It seems that aside from doing nasty things to principle characters (heart attack in the woods, with no Secret Service to be seen – and then have a bit a few episodes later showing thelarge extent of secret service protection for this particular role), the producers seem to have decided that inexplicably chopping off a year was a good idea.
I watched episode 4 last night and there was an extremely clumsy reference to the Midterms, which supposedly have already happened. John Wells et al clearly are bored with the current format, and want to turn this into an election year with several candidates and allow the programme to continue after a Bartlett presidency. Josh clearly saw the "Real Thing" with Santos, like he did in Nashua all those years ago.

To continue the show is one thing, but why cut a year out? And why in such a clumsy way? And why does Toby mention "6 years" in the fake resignation if the midterms were last year? It's got to be at least 6 and a half. And where did the year or so go? Somewhere in season 5, I guess. But before all mentions of the CODEL, but after any timed references to the kidnapping, and the Christmas episode.

And what is Will still there for? He works for the VPOTUS, not the President.

Grrrrrr. Rant over.

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  1. I think you might have misunderstood the Midterms references in episode 4 – my understanding was that Josh's meeting was to discuss the 'upcoming' midterms (in which Santos wanted to stand down). If Santos was to stand down in the midterms, they can't have happenned yet.

    I agree with Will – John Wells seemed to make a tactical error by sending him away, leaving Toby with fewer people to spar with. From what I've read of spoilers for the first half of this series, the show is definately heading towards a Santos vs. VP race for the democrat nomination, while a fairly famous actor is signed up to play the Republican candidate.

    I thought episode 4 was a little bit crap really – I think we saw why C.J. wouldn't have got the job in real life, plus there was very little genuine reaction from everyone else. We didn't see much of Bartlett, and I think Toby / Josh would have had more to say on C.J. leaping three rungs of the ladder. I have a feeling C.J. is gonna be the main character in the show for quite a while now.

    All in all, I think everyone knows it's gonna be downhill from here, with the wit completely lacking in a few recent episodes. But I'll stick with it while there's familiar faces – and I suspect Santos will seem familiar in a few weeks time…

    13 Nov 2004, 11:11

  2. I hope you're correct, becuase I think it would be really stupid to play with the time. However, the NH Primary is late January (27th this year), and we're putting this episode as pre-midterms, which would be 14 months before a nomination race. It's all a bit premature, isn't it? And there seems to be a lot of references to job offers etc. It's Alan Alda of M*A*S*H who's going to be the Republican, by the way. Anyway, you're right, it looks like Santos v Russell for the Democrats, so that in itself suggests there's got to be something going on with the time line, either in the "past", or upcoming in this series. Anyway, never been the same since Sorkin left….

    Cheers for being the first reply to my blog, too!

    15 Nov 2004, 22:38

  3. Lindsey Sanders

    hi. was feeling a bit board and just chuck west wing into goolge and came across this.

    i've watched the six season box set, so spoilers ahead.

    the west wing has taken a different path since sorkin left. i think its got more serious. i have just started watching the first season again, and it has more comic moments and seems more light hearted.

    i am glad that the sixth season has changed direction, following the race for the democrats nominee. some times programmes stick with the same stories and does not develop it self enough. i think it had to go in this direction to keep to keep it fresh. the only disappointment with the six season was that it was obvious that santos would win(see the front cover of the box set).

    i believe that they are showing the seven season in the usa, which i guess will the race for the presidency. i hope that they finish the series there and don't carry it on. if they do another two term presidency with santos or hawkeye, it will be dragging it out, covering the same story lines. i think it will ruin it. I also like ER, but that is going to the dog’s, I hope west wing does not follow suit.

    On a personal note, was wondering when you got into west wing. Me and my old flat mate are the only people i know that watch west wing. The first episode I saw was in the second season (I think) the one where the dead homeless guy is wearing Toby’s coat. But I did not start watching it properly until the beginning season 3. I ended up buying season 1 and 2 on dvd and watching them in-between the season 3 episode on tv. It got quite confusing.



    14 Oct 2005, 22:06

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