January 13, 2005

On Prince Harry's fancy dress.

Writing about web page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4170623.stm

Storm in a teacup, surely.

Prince Harry was photographed at a fancy dress party dressed as a Nazi. As far as I'm aware that doesn't mean he is a Nazi, nor condones what they did. But apparently, according to Doug Henderson MP (And I pity anyone from Newcastle who is unfortunate enough to have such an idiot as an MP) this means he is "not suitable" for Sandhurst. Quite why, I'm not sure.

Personally, I think it was a very clever take on the party's theme, which was "Colonial and Native". Turn up as the latter, and he'd have surely be lambasted for racism and not being aware of other cultures. Dress as the former, and he'd be condemmed for condoning Britain's Imperial past – about which one could write lines such as "the trappings of a genocidal dictatorship" as appeared in Today's Jewish Chronicle.
Perhaps Mr Henderson thinks that sort of costume is more befitting a British officer.

Take this picture:

He's surely not suitable to be on our screens.
What's that you say, he's not really a Nazi? Just dressing up? Oh, my mistake…

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  1. How about: That picture comes from a film. A very good film at that. It's called acting. Rather than attending a party…

    There is a slight difference, I'm sure you can see…

    13 Jan 2005, 14:32

  2. I think it's mostly to do with the extremely insensitive timing – being just before the anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz, and all that.

    Or maybe it's just a confirmation of our suspicion that the royals are a bunch of closet fascists?

    13 Jan 2005, 14:36

  3. Well, there is a difference, but not much. Why does one person dressing up for a party mean more than a film? I think it's not lack of sensitivity on Prince Harry's part, but an over-sensiitivity on the part of the poeple who find it offensive. Given that, which was entirely predictable, he should have probably worn soemthing else. But I just think people should calm down a bit. I thought the responses reported on at the end of the article were of the right tone. As I said, it's a storm in a teacup, and whilst I appreciate it was silly, I don't think it was as important as it's been made out to be.

    Incidentally, Ed Harris was the only good thing about Enemy at The Gates, which was generally awful from start to finish. I audibly and uncontrollably said "Oh No!" when he died, much to the cinema's confusion…

    13 Jan 2005, 14:59

  4. Ok,
    a) The difference is this: One is dressing up as a Nazi in order to depict a (for the sake of argument lets call it semi-)true and interesting story about events during the war. The other is dressing up as a Nazi because he thinks it is a good idea.
    b) you have no taste in films.

    13 Jan 2005, 16:27

  5. a) I know the difference. My point is that I don't think it matters, as long as he doesn't engage in any fascist activities. he was just dressing up. My point was essentially that there's too much fuss over the issue, and yet here we are still talking about it, so I'm not going to add any more to this discussion.
    b) You needn't be so rude.

    13 Jan 2005, 16:51

  6. Anyone stupid enough to dress up as a Nazi and not think that they'll get criticised for it, particularly somebody in the public eye, shouldn't really be considered suitable for the average primary school, let alone Sandhurst.

    13 Jan 2005, 17:36

  7. @6: See David Beckham and a certain T-Shirt of Adolf Eichmann. Yes. Too stupid to be considered for primary school indeed.

    13 Jan 2005, 18:57

  8. Lorna

    Oh for fuck's sake guys.

    As someone on the BBC website said, if this is dominating headlines and is the only thing people in this country have to worry about then we should all count our blessings.

    Unfortunately, there is much more evil and wrong doing in this world.

    But let's all worry about the future of the country because someone who, let's face it, probably isn't going to be king wore a swastika to a fancy dress party.

    Fancy dress? Remember that? It's called going out and having fun – normal people enjoy them.

    Oh forget it…

    Mind you, it wouldn't surprise me if he did this just to get the attention – he is Diana's daughter after all.

    Ooh – watch the replies to that comment flood in…

    14 Jan 2005, 08:06

  9. Heh…someone just wants to be flamed ;-)
    Oh, do me a favour and tell Jon to get himself fit for week 4….we have a tournament to win. Insensitive? Moi?

    14 Jan 2005, 10:13

  10. Damn, it's a pity that all the evil and wrong in the world prevents me from having an opinion on anything remotely trivial, but there you go.

    14 Jan 2005, 15:27

  11. Lorna

    I'll pass it on Simon, but it's probably unlikely…!
    He's on 3 types of painkiller or something stupid now.

    Bless 'im…

    Oh, and it's fine to have opinions Joe. But if you're on the "he's not acting like a royal should" side of the camp, you should perhaps stop to consider how the royal family is reacting to this. Oh wait, they're not, because they want people to leave him alone too.

    15 Jan 2005, 10:06

  12. I'm not on that side at all. I'm not on the "omg wtf he should be made to go to auschwitz ten times" side either.

    I'm more on the "how could he be stupid enough not to see that this would happen" side.

    15 Jan 2005, 16:24

  13. Lorna

    Fair enough. I really really disagree with the "make him go to auschwitz" thing. Pathetic.

    But I did say that I think he may have known this was going to happen.

    All tres interesting. Especially if you can understand that last sentence!

    15 Jan 2005, 17:49

  14. Hey, everyone should be made to go to auschwitz. it's a stark reminder of what man can do to man out of hatred and ignorance.

    15 Jan 2005, 19:34

  15. Just about anywhere you look (particularly in the west direction) is a reminder of what man can do to man out of hatred and ignorance.

    But point taken.

    15 Jan 2005, 22:19

  16. Justin

    I just find it amazing that no-one had a quiet word with him and said "I don't really think this is a good idea". He must have had people around when he ordered and picked up the costume; aides aren't paid to be silent!

    It just really infuriates me that things like this needlessly make headlines and attract bad publicity but many other people do it too. The Tory party with William Hague's baseball cap and 12 pints a night…...

    17 Jan 2005, 12:40

  17. I didn't realise Harry was Diana's daughter… Um, silly me.

    27 Jan 2005, 13:33

  18. Haha – ok – so I had to have James' post explained to me – Harry not being a daughter and all…
    Interesting how the comments after mine relating to Princess Di didn't pick that up either though!!


    27 Feb 2005, 20:37

  19. Just wanted to add my thoughts – the guy was at a private party, as long as what he's doing isn't illegal (which it wasn't) it really oughtn't to be any of our business. This whole affair was rather symptomatic of our voyeuristic celeb culture which presumes invasion of other's personal space to be a God given right. It was most certainly an ironic gesture by the prince and was blown up into another tiring excuse to have an anti-monarchy dig.

    11 Mar 2005, 13:21

  20. C J Stewart

    As no one will be watching this any more i just thought i would add my own little comment:
    This is just absolutly pathetic, the world is screaming and crying about rasicam and other such isums. Get a grip. My word is that why should any costume be incorrect? for any one? At the end of the day we are all just human and should i not be allowed to wear a witch costume to a party because it depicts the view people used to have on women who were see as witches how ever meny years ago? If we cant see and accept our past how are we to have a future which will be any better for our children to grow up in. I for one am happy my children will not be prosicuted and killed for being jewish, and i am also happy they can see things such as this costume in a light hearted way.

    One more point: Appoligising for out races or religious history is the first step to hating our history, we dont have to be proud to remember?!

    Interesting veiw from a Jewish man yes?

    Thank you

    05 Dec 2006, 15:40

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