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July 15, 2006

The Art Strikes Back

I kinda did this one for the lulz too…

Return of The Art

I did it mostly for the lulz

March 04, 2006

Where Are My Keys?

The poor man

November 21, 2005


November 02, 2005

How To Draw A Graph

I regularly get emails of the following nature:

Dear AndyAndyAndy, you are great at drawing graphs, how do you do it? Can I become a master graph artist too?

Drawing graphs takes years of training, you'll start off using beginner tools such as a ruler to aid in drawing lines, but eventually you'll be able to progress to 100% accurate freehand graphs. It's important to use colours too, try adding some nice contrast to make it look more interesting.

If your results appear to be more-or-less perfect, add in some anomalous results for that authentic graph appearance and don't forget to highlight any points of interest.

Finally, you don't have to be a scientist to draw graphs, even arts students can find things to draw graphs about. Why not correlate the ages at which Roman emperors were murdered with the number of uninvaded frontier nations at their time of death, the results may suprise you.

Here's a sample graph, it's quite good, nice colours and all:

So now you know how it's done, give it a try. Don't worry if results aren't pleasing at first, the skill comes with time, and remember, have fun!

September 18, 2005


Just been playing with the custom styling, everyone else has afterall. Doesn't look exactly right in IE, but then again I designed the style to take into account all the layout changes i've made (don't worry, there aren't many this time, in terms of styling the only change so far is that we're going back to the old siteLogoBar and link seperation).

I think users should be able to start with an unstyled base for their custom styles rather than having to override a huge number of css rules. It would also make custom css less likely to go horribly wrong on a blogbuilder update. It would also be a bit easier on the bandwidth.

June 20, 2005

Mouse House

June 13, 2005

Ye Demand and Ye Get Parodied

Mat has good adventures.

June 12, 2005

2 minutes of sex.

Writing about web page /victoriagalloway/entry/the_two_minute/

Not really, there's no sex here. Sorry.

I started drawing random lines, which became a blob, which became attached to a chimney and it became a house which isn't sure how many floors it has. Is it one or is it two? Nobody knows!!!!!!!!!11oneonetwo

Then it looked like it needed a sun, cause all pictures of houses have a sun. but I didn't have time to change pen colour so the sun was black. I named it "Dark Sun".

Finally I gave the house a door, it seemed only fitting really.

June 05, 2005






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