September 14, 2006

Video: Meat Loaf – It's All Coming Back To Me Now

Follow-up to Free Mp3: Meat Loaf – Monster's Loose from Andy's Dumb Ramblings

I’d argue that this isn’t a cover, because the song was originally by Jim Steinman who writes most of Meat Loaf’s songs anyway. Anywho this is a video from the new album “Bat Out Of Hell 3: The Monster Is Loose” that comes out at the end of October.

It’s an impressive video, not because of any crazy technical voodoo, but because of the emotion on display, it’s something we don’t often see in modern music videos.

A larger version of the video is linked to from the offical Meat Loaf site, Direct Link

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  1. Hamid Sirhan

    You might hate me for this – but I don’t really like the song so much… and it’s not because I don’t think it’s a good song as such… it’s more that my mum used to listen to it in the car all the time on the way to school… in heavy bloody traffic…

    Now Hot Patootie… that’s a music video!!!!

    14 Sep 2006, 03:03

  2. I like the video. It is very good. Read what Andy said.

    14 Sep 2006, 11:36

  3. cj mithell

    Classic rock from a master but then again Im old. Conner Highlander

    21 Sep 2006, 22:15

  4. jess

    this track rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it. i heard it on da tv and then absolutely had to find it again to listen 2. im not usually into this sort of music as my sort of thing is more indi but i have to hav dis as my song wiv my boyfriend.ta for palying it and leting us see da vieo. x

    27 Sep 2006, 16:12

  5. samantha

    the man never loses his touch, and its majick

    28 Sep 2006, 19:22

  6. Jonathon

    wow, such a powerful video… so full of emotion. Amazing

    05 Oct 2006, 19:08


    tingles down my spine. AWESOME VIDEO. this is one of his best tracks. MEATLOAF ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    06 Oct 2006, 18:08

  8. Drunn N

    This is the best romantic music video.

    10 Oct 2006, 21:08

  9. ileanna

    this new video of meatloaf is THE BEST.i hope he will give us other videos as good as this one.ILEANA ROMANIA

    19 Oct 2006, 13:15

  10. x-lana-x

    aww mahn dis song is wew gid!! lol luvin it xxmwahxx

    06 Nov 2006, 14:31

  11. Helen

    I like this song sooo much. It’s been years since the last time i saw Marion. Well, she finally grew up such a beauty woman.

    04 Jan 2007, 19:23

  12. White

    I like this song but it isn’t popular in Thailand. I think it such a marvellous song. -

    20 Jan 2007, 08:48

  13. Lene

    He STILL got it ..!

    25 Jan 2007, 03:12

  14. Megan

    This song is really good, i’ve always been into dark music like dat! (i’m not an emo peeps! lol!) Anyways, i luv da video! peace x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x megz x-x-x-x-x-x-x-

    01 Mar 2007, 08:38

  15. sunita

    i luv da song! peace! bye! x-x-x-x-x-x x0×0x0×0x0

    01 Mar 2007, 08:40

  16. Sue

    Have just seen The Dead Ringer tribute show with Hollis and the Dead Bettys. WOW!

    THIS is a show for serious Meatloaf fans! ( UK only tho)

    I have seen several tribute acts, but this is the only one that gets 10 out of 10.

    09 Apr 2007, 12:22

  17. Jim

    Are you talking about THE DEAD RINGER FROM HELL show?

    I saw it in South SHields and it was amazing. Where did you see them?

    17 Apr 2007, 08:16

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