July 06, 2009

Designer Toys / Urban Vinyl / Art Toys are expensive and look cool

Hello, it’s me again.

Why am I posting here and not on my real site? Because I’m redeveloping it. And when it’s finally launched, you too will be able to see that it should never have taken as long as it has.

Anywho, in the last couple of years I’ve been slowly exposed to the scary world of Designer Toys / Urban Vinyl / Art Toys (whatever the hell you want to call them). No, I’m not talking about edgy urban music ‘records’. I’m talking about the odd craze where artists take a prefabricated vinyl (plastic) figure and art the shit out of them (yes, that is a technical term). Sometimes they’ll even design their own vinyl figure first, and sometimes they won’t even use vinyl, they’ll make plush toys. What a crazy world.

Anyway, I finally took the plunge and bought one of the cheapest vinyl figures I could find. It’s a “Monskey” and his name is “Teakia”. According the packaging he likes fire and hates noise. He also believes we all have psychic powers. In many ways he’s a lot like me.

Here’s a picture of him:

Unfortunately there’s also a boatload of almost identical monskeys with different designs, this is why I’m going to be very poor. Even more poor than I am thanks to living in London and earning a non-London wage.

Here’s a link to a whole bunch of other urban vinyl monskeys

There’s an unbelievable amount of urban vinyl, so it’s lucky I’m not one of those guys who gets hooked on collecting stuff. No wait, you’re the one who doesn’t get hooked, I’m the one who does… Unfortunately most of it costs a fortune. You can even get a 18 inch tall white monkey thing that you can doodle all over designer toys, art toys, and urban vinyl 18 inch Mega Munny at Forbidden Planet) ... seriously, who comes up with these ideas?

Also, it’s my birthday soon so buy me lots of nice things. Yes Mannion and Widge, I mean you.

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Buy me a house.

    06 Jul 2009, 16:02

  2. No, you buy me a house :(

    06 Jul 2009, 17:33

  3. Seriously though, buy me nice things.

    07 Jul 2009, 08:54

  4. Also, should I buy Batman (you may have seen him in such films as Batman)?

    some kind of urban vinyl batman cosbaby

    I know he strikes fear into my very criminal heart.

    07 Jul 2009, 09:00

  5. Mathew Mannion

    I’m not sure the right person to ask, since I think collectables are a waste of time :)

    hides Portal cubes on desk

    07 Jul 2009, 09:18

  6. The Batman is never a waste of time, he shall smite you with his justice beams

    07 Jul 2009, 09:57

  7. Mike Willis

    As someone who was very briefly obsessed with Qees I understand the attraction. I got over the Qees due the annoyance of the blind packaging combined with my dislike of many designs and that although sold with a keychain accessory attaching them a keychain along with actual keys results them quickly becoming covered in chips. Monskeys however appear to not suffer either of those flaws… Must. Resist.

    07 Jul 2009, 12:47

  8. I’m trying to get my company to optionally sell the blind boxed stuff as the box of 16 (ish) that retailers get. Turns out that if you buy the big boxes you’re pretty much guaranteed to get one of each, not sure how the chase models fit into this though.

    07 Jul 2009, 13:13

  9. The main issue I’ve noticed is that this stuff tends to become discontinued VERY quickly. Mighty Muggs are extremely popular, but the range available at any given time is quite small

    07 Jul 2009, 13:16

  10. Mike Willis

    Great idea about the multi pack purchase strategy. The key will be to turn them around quickly I guess?

    26 Jul 2009, 16:27

  11. Ooer I only stumbled on this post at random. Looks like I missed your birthday and didn’t buy you anything.
    Erm… never mind :)

    13 Aug 2009, 10:08

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