September 01, 2005

Ultimate Frisbee

You're all signing up for Ultimate Frisbee next term, it's awesome. I'm not even the publicity officer and i'm saying it.

I'll go for every conceivable catch on the condition that someone makes the throw first, i'm not going to go run somewhere and wait for a throw. I expect the disc to arrive at the same time as me, like it's destiny or something. Oh yeah, if the end-zone is free, regardless of where I am on the pitch, make the throw and i'll score the point.

This entry has been brought to you by my ego.

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  1. If only I had a frisbee shaped razor blade… That would be hilarious, and probably illegal

    02 Sep 2005, 02:14

  2. i agree, everyone should join

    02 Sep 2005, 09:40

  3. everyone and their housemates

    02 Sep 2005, 18:47

  4. Job done already on that front. And can we hold that comment about you scoring the point against you later? Roll on the socials…oh crap I'm supposed to be organising them…we're all doomed, unless Will does a good job…

    09 Sep 2005, 01:18

  5. Unless Will does a good job…?

    We're doomed.

    At Copa I only missed one catch, and that was from one of those annoying i've-cut-now-give-me-the-bloody-disc-oh-damn-i-dropped-it situations. But Copa was very laid back, whereas at uni if you screw something up nobody will ever let you forget it :p

    09 Sep 2005, 01:25

  6. I had noticed that particular little fact

    09 Sep 2005, 01:50

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