September 18, 2005

Top 10 Reasons Why Ultimate Frisbee Rocks In No Particular Order #1

My mind is usually all over the place, it's very difficult to just live in the moment. When i'm playing Ultimate Frisbee this isn't the case, when i'm on the pitch all I care about is the game*. It's great at the end of a tough day to just let the mind recover and relax whilst simulataneously playing one of the fastest projectile-based team sports

*the game includes trying not to injuring yourself or other people

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  1. I would say this is true of all sport.

    18 Sep 2005, 11:24

  2. I find it very easy for my mind to be on other things whilst playing cricket and football.

    18 Sep 2005, 12:56

  3. And anyway, this is about why frisbee rocks, it's irrelevant if other sports rock too. But I think the key factor in ultimate that keeps your focus is the pace of the game and just how quickly points can be scored, at any time during play the person with the disc has the potential of making a scoring throw – regardless of where they are on the pitch. If the opposing team isn't completely aware of what's going on, they will lose the point very quickly.

    18 Sep 2005, 13:23

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