June 16, 2006

Finally Flung: The Ultimate Review

So there was this Final Fling dealie where everyone wore fancy clothes. It's presumably the kind of clothing that rich tories wear all the time so I felt a little dirty, but at least I looked nice – which incidentally is what your mum said.

There were two big tent thingies, one of them had six nipples and the other only had two nipples (this was presumably a social commentary about something or another), there were also a few fairground rides and excessively expensive games. I'm glad I didn't eat beforehand as otherwise I may have missed out on the most excessively expensive and worst–tasting burgers in human history – what an experience! Drinks were indeed at union prices, except not at union quantities, a bottle of reef and a bottle of corrs cost me exactly £5 which struck me as a little excessive.

The clever lack of any real announcement system resulted in me not realising that Nizlopi had even gone on stage, so I missed them completely. I can only assume their song went down a storm for the two people who witnessed it. Later there was an uncertain migration to the 6–nippled tent which suggested that Idlewild might be playing, this was a correct conclusion. They certainly were playing, but they weren't rocking. The experience was akin to listening to their two good songs at home. At one point I swear I heard a guitar solo, except that the lead guitarist seemed to be embaressed by this and was shying away from the crowd. Conclusion? Idlewild sounded very faithful to their recordings but ultimately were quite boring save for the two songs I knew. Not an act I would choose to see again. Later the Sugababes came on stage and I was somewhat suprised at how many of their songs I recognised – terrifying. Like Idlewild they sounded pretty good and faithful to their recordings but there was nothing to justify them actually being there (though they did move around more than Idlewild did). In the end Sugababes were probably the better act because they didn't extend their welcome by performing anything beyond the well–known stuff.

Later there was a bit of sitting down and discussions of whether straight men should shove things up their arses, but finally there was the whole dancefloor doodah. Carter and Tarbit played a variety of fairly fun songs whilst generally being hyperactive and silly, there were no Top B monkeys this time, maybe they should have made some special Final Fling monkeys. Everyone simultaneously had the very clever idea of leaving 15 minutes before the end in order to avoid the queues for the coaches. But it was ok because I had this simultaneous idea first and therefore won the queuing game.

Then I was at home going to sleep because I was tired.

Overall: The night was very enjoyable but mostly due to the company and photos rather than the actual quality of the event.

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  1. Food: 1 out of 5
    Games: 2 out of 5
    Music: 3 out of 5
    Drinks prices: 2 out of 5
    Rides: 4 out of 5

    I also completely missed Nizlopi and turned up half way through Idlewild who were pretty good, shame I didn't know more of their songs. The crowd didn't seem too enthusiastic at that point either, although that may've just been because I was near the edge/wasn't drunk enough.

    The food and games were obviously marked up (you could see the usual prices for food behind the new ones). The games were fun, but expensive so I only played 2. The drinks which I'm sure were supposed to be union prices were certainly not the kind of prices I pay on a night out at the union. It's a bit cheaky that they sell the tickets for so much, and then try to make so much more money out of us once we're there.

    The rides there were pretty cool, and free, which was nice.

    All in all, I think I agree with you Andy, that the event was enjoyable because of the company than the event itself.

    16 Jun 2006, 16:14

  2. Mathew Mannion

    The main problem with Idlewild (unlike Sugababes) was that they played the songs that Idlewild fans like - songs from Hope Is Important and 100 Broken Windows (as well as the obvious two from A Remote Part – American English and You Held The World In Your Arms). Because of this, they played stuff that was pretty hip and cool 7 or 8 years ago and the kids nowadays don't like that jazz, especially if they're hearing it for the first time. I was also a bit disappointed in them, because it seemed like their live act was the same as a garage band. I still enjoyed them though, and I enjoyed Sugababes up to a point. Not too bothered about missing Nizlopi either.

    16 Jun 2006, 16:25

  3. I've seen them 6 times (!) and this was one of the top 3, though my repeated shouts for even more obscure stuff (I was the girl bellowing for 'Captain') were greeted with a smile and a shake of the head from Roddy. I was a little suprised at how little crowd dancing there was but there were very few people in suitable moshing clothing. The crowdsurfing girl in the sequined dress was the coolest person there.

    16 Jun 2006, 17:00

  4. Didn't see an Andy, didn't see Nizliopi… But omg!

    The Sugababes! Who does their choreography!?!? One in the middle, one either side. I looked away for a moment and the two either side had… swapped! I missed the special moment :(

    17 Jun 2006, 06:10

  5. Mathew Mannion

    I've seen them 6 times (!) and this was one of the top 3, though my repeated shouts for even more obscure stuff (I was the girl bellowing for 'Captain')

    Don't think I've ever heard that Sugababes track…

    17 Jun 2006, 08:55

  6. It's off their first EP when they were still punk, before Keisha grew a beard and went folky.

    18 Jun 2006, 19:07

  7. nick

    I agree about the drinks prices. I asked for a bottle of Champagne. I spent 16 quid on what turned out to be cheap Cava – sold in tesco for Circa £4, and felt quite ripped off. If they had said before I handed over the cash – we dont have Champagne, only Cava, and its sixteen quid, I wouldnt have bothered.

    I thought that the big tent was soulless, but the bands were good.

    18 Jun 2006, 20:02

  8. It was basically Top Banana in formal dress with some 'special' guests in a field near Coventry and portaloos. Oh, and rides and overpriced alcohol.

    As someone said before, a night for meeting people rather than admiring the hosting, but if I wanted to have a party with all my friends, £40 each would contribute to one hell of a party.

    18 Jun 2006, 21:09

  9. I don't know how or why they get away with £2.50 for a bottle of your crap–or–ama lager crap. No pints offered (methinks to cut down on bar prices? If you don't have pumps etc… it don't cost as much). Hence why I only bought two. Gits.

    19 Jun 2006, 00:34

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