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November 25, 2005

Replica X, Hostile and Power Quest

Tonight I tagged along to Birmingham with Replica X and their bandsoc posse to see them support Power Quest. I've only actually seen Replica X play live a few times and had some Power Quest samples on my computer so thought it was probably worth checking them out.

The venue wasn't large, there weren't really many people there at all, and with Replica X up first they drew the smallest crowd. I think everyone was suprised at just how good this uni band sounded, i've heard them before and was suprised, they sound tighter and more confident each time I see them.

Hostile were the other supporting band, i'm not too hot on my metal classifications but they sounded fairly death metalish, but fear not – they seemed to be really cool people too, not the homicidal maniacs some people associate metal with. I wasn't too keen on their sound, they had great mastery of their instruments but didn't produce enough in the way of melody for my tastes. Their main guitarist seems to position his hands in a similar way to how I do when I play so maybe i'm not doing things completely wrong afterall – always good to know.

Power Quest were last being the headline act and put on an energetic and enthusiastic show but they felt lacking, they didn't play the only song i'd heard before so I couldn't tell if it was just a poor live performance (the mixing seemed a bit too in favour of the guitarist rather than the singer or keyboardist) but it was fairly disappointing.

Whilst attempting to be objective as possible, Replica X were probably the best-sounding band of the night and hopefully they'll stick together long enough to really make a name for themselves.


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