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September 19, 2005

IE–specific blog problem

I doubt anybody's actually noticed this problem, but I thought occured to me that it might exist and it actually does.

If you try to print your blog in Internet Explorer, it will cause an error. Try it.

Before tags were introduced it wouldn't have.

IE doesn't like having "tags" as an ID, the tag list in your sidebar uses "tags" as an ID. It seems tags is a reserved word, there's been discussion of this going round the good ol' webdesign community of late, and it just occured to me that it would affect us.

But fear not, it'll probably be fixed in the next update because guess who has the job of fixing these things?

Top 10 Reasons Why Ultimate Frisbee Rocks In No Particular Order #3

The game is highly spirited (usually), good sportsmanship is a fundamental cornerstone of ultimate. There's no referee, all calls are decided based on agreement between teams. If the teams cannot agree then play is taken back to the most recent uncontested state of play. You wouldn't think it would work but it somehow does. The high level of spirit means that both teams fully appreciate any excellent play by the opposition.

Every tournament has a spirit prize and every game is followed by the two teams chatting about the game and playing calls (little amusing games).


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