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September 18, 2005


Just been playing with the custom styling, everyone else has afterall. Doesn't look exactly right in IE, but then again I designed the style to take into account all the layout changes i've made (don't worry, there aren't many this time, in terms of styling the only change so far is that we're going back to the old siteLogoBar and link seperation).

I think users should be able to start with an unstyled base for their custom styles rather than having to override a huge number of css rules. It would also make custom css less likely to go horribly wrong on a blogbuilder update. It would also be a bit easier on the bandwidth.

Top 10 Reasons Why Ultimate Frisbee Rocks In No Particular Order #2

It's amazing to make a perfect catch. The feeling of the disc smoothly entering your grasp after you've done some crazy-spinning-move-thing is great and it's exciting to watch someone else achieve it too. There are so many factors involved in catching a disc that it's incredible that the human body can do it so intuitively.

Top 10 Reasons Why Ultimate Frisbee Rocks In No Particular Order #1

My mind is usually all over the place, it's very difficult to just live in the moment. When i'm playing Ultimate Frisbee this isn't the case, when i'm on the pitch all I care about is the game*. It's great at the end of a tough day to just let the mind recover and relax whilst simulataneously playing one of the fastest projectile-based team sports

*the game includes trying not to injuring yourself or other people


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